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How to Get Funding for Your Startup in Hong Kong?

The business landscape of Hong Kong has evolved massively in the past few years. A multitude of new startups are opening up in Hong Kong, and investors are showing interest in investing their money in Hong Kong. Starting a startup in Hong Kong can be a bit challenging if you have incomplete knowledge of the process or you lack any resources. To start a business in Hong Kong, entrepreneurs will require a whole lot of resources, and one such resource is funds. Funds play a vital role in the establishment, growth, and success of a startup, and if a startup lacks such an important resource, it might face difficulties in building a strong position in the market. 

Hong Kong is one of the best places for a startup to gain success as it offers all the resources that are needed for success. Being an entrepreneur, if you want to get funding for your Hong Kong startup, you have numerous ways to get it. If you have any doubt regarding the ways to get funding then this article is for you.


Get Funding for Your Startup in Hong Kong

Strategies to Get Funding For Your Hong Kong Startup

To get funding for your startup in Hong Kong, you are required to follow the below-given ways. The strategies mentioned below are the best you can utilize for the benefit of your startup.


1. Business Grants

Business grants are one of the most common and easy ways to get funding for your Hong Kong startups. The Hong Kong government has introduced several policies that benefit startups in upgrading their services and technologies. The business grants provide startups with the valuable capital that is needed to start a business, enhance its products, expand its reach, or modify the business model. It allows startups to focus on the growth of the startup rather than worrying about the money. The business grants offered by the Hong Kong government include the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund), the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SGS), and many other grants. 

The ITF provides the funds to improve the technology in a startup, which they might need for expansion and growth. The SIE Fund is to help startups from the initial stage till the time it's ready to scale the business. The SGS focuses on helping small and medium-sized startups improve their services and build a strong presence in the market. The Hong Kong government also has some schemes that are focused on businesses that export goods to foreign countries. 

2. Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are a great source of money and can help startups with the funds they need. Hong Kong has a large pool of venture capitalists who are searching for good startups. Venture capitalists are always looking to invest in startup ideas that have the potential to be successful in the market. Venture capitalists can be referred to as big investors who can support a startup with a large sum of money in exchange for returns and stakes in the company. You can utilize the funds provided by these venture capitalists in various ways. You can improve your business model, upgrade your machines, and many more. 

To attract venture capitalists to your startup, you may create a prototype of your product or services, which you will present in front of the big investors. Having a prototype builds a credible business image and shows your seriousness. It can help you demonstrate your idea in a better manner. It can also help you showcase your strengths and why you need the capital for your startup. 

3. Equity Funding

Equity funding is a highly used funding strategy in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is home to a large number of investors who are eager to invest in startups that have good ideas. In equity funding, startups can get investment into their startup in exchange for equity and shares in your company. To get equity funding for your startup, you are required to issue shares of your company. 

The investors will buy the shares of your company and thus will bring capital into the startup. In the initial stages of the startup, investors can provide you with seed capital ranging between HK$100,000 to HK$400,000. These investors not only help you with the funds you need, but they can also help you in several other ways. They also provide startups with their knowledge about the market, their expertise in certain fields, and their contacts. The expertise and knowledge offered by these investors can help you counter the challenges of the market and save you from making mistakes. The contacts of these investors can help you meet various startups with whom you can collaborate and expand your reach.

4. Angel Investors

Another way of arranging funds for your Hong Kong startups is by getting investments from angel investors. Hong Kong has a very big community of angel investors who are interested in providing aid to early-stage startups. The angel investment network not only works in Hong Kong but also connects investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. If an entrepreneur has a business in Hong Kong or wants to invest in a company in Hong Kong, then he can invest from anywhere in the world.

5. Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and incubators are programs that are prepared to assist early-stage startups grow. They provide valuable capital to startups, which they can use to grow and upgrade the startup. In exchange for funds, they demand stakes in the company. Accelerator and incubator programs are beneficial for both the startups and the accelerators and incubators as they help both of them gain big profits. Accelerators and incubators also offer some other benefits, such as mentorship and office spaces. 

In the startup's initial stages, spending money on an office space is hard. Thus, having an accelerator or incubator by your side can help you get office space for your startup. Accelerators and incubators conduct several seminars and workshops that provide startups with the guidance they need to overcome the challenges of the market. The mentorship they provide can help startups in many other ways and also offer a competitive edge in the market. 


Being a global business hub and having a highly positive business environment make Hong Kong a perfect place to set up a startup. The modern infrastructure combined with effective connectivity in Hong Kong allows startups to focus on establishing a successful business. However, having all these resources doesn't fulfill all the needs of a startup. To set up a successful startup in Hong Kong, you will need a good idea and, most importantly, money. Therefore, you must follow the strategies mentioned above in the article to get funding for your Hong Kong startups. 

The methods provided above in the article can be extremely helpful for startups to succeed in the competitive Hong Kong market. The strategies mentioned above include getting funds from angel investors, accelerators and incubators, and venture capitalists. You can also arrange funds from equity funding and through the business grants offered by the Hong Kong government.

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