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Apple Music vs Spotify: A Comprehensive Comparison

The world of music streaming is dominated by two major players: Apple Music and Spotify. As the leading platforms, both offer extensive music libraries, personalized recommendations, and a variety of subscription plans.

However, the debate of Apple Music vs Spotify is far from settled, with each service boasting unique features and strengths. This article provides an in-depth comparison of these two music streaming giants, helping you decide which one best suits your listening needs.

Apple Music vs Spotify

Apple Music vs Spotify - Price and Subscription Plans

Apple Music

Apple Music offers several subscription plans:

  • Individual Plan: Priced at $10.99 per month, it provides access to Apple Music's entire library, ad-free listening, and offline playback.

  • Family Plan: At $16.99 per month, it extends the Individual Plan benefits to six family members.

  • Student Plan: Available for $5.99 per month to eligible students, it includes all Individual Plan benefits plus free access to Apple TV+.

Apple Music Pricing

Apple Music doesn't offer a free tier, but it does provide a generous three-month free trial.


Spotify, in contrast, offers both free and premium tiers:

  • Free Tier: Allows shuffle play, six skips per hour, and access to Daily Mix playlists. However, it includes ads and doesn't support offline listening.

  • Premium Duo Plan: For $14.99 per month, it extends Premium Individual benefits to two accounts and includes a unique Duo Mix playlist.

  • Premium Family Plan: Priced at $16.99 per month, it covers up to six accounts, includes parental controls, a family mix playlist, and access to Spotify Kids.

  • Premium Student Plan: Available at $5.99 per month to eligible students, it offers all Premium benefits plus access to Hulu and Showtime.

Spotify Pricing

Spotify's free tier is a significant advantage for those wanting to save money, while their Premium plans match closely with Apple Music's offerings. However, for those willing to pay, Apple Music's inclusion of Apple TV+ in its Student Plan provides additional value.

Music Catalog

Both Apple Music and Spotify boast impressive music libraries. Apple Music claims to have over 100 million songs, while Spotify offers over 80 million songs and more than 4 million podcasts. Despite slight variations in numbers, both platforms cover a broad spectrum of music genres and cater to diverse musical tastes. Exclusive content is available on both platforms, further enriching their vast libraries. Therefore, in terms of the music catalog, it's a draw between Apple Music and Spotify.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is where Apple Music takes the lead. It supports high-resolution audio streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz, offering a superior sound experience to audiophiles. Furthermore, Apple Music supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, a surround sound technology that enhances the listening experience.

Spotify, on the other hand, currently offers a maximum streaming quality of 320kbps. The company announced plans for a Spotify HiFi tier offering lossless audio, but it has not yet been launched.

Music Discovery and Recommendations

In the Apple Music vs Spotify debate, Spotify often emerges victorious in terms of music discovery. Its powerful algorithms generate customized playlists like "Discover Weekly" and "Daily Mix", offering users a personalized listening experience. Its "Made for You" tab is a treasure trove of music tailored to individual tastes.

Apple Music, however, isn't far behind. Its "Listen Now" and "Browse" tabs offer personalized music recommendations based on users' listening habits. The inclusion of the "Discovery Station" and "Stations for You" sections further enhances music discovery on the platform.

User Interface and Experience

Spotify's user-friendly and intuitive interface garners much praise. Its clean layout places users' content at the forefront, making navigation hassle-free. The seamless transition between devices through Spotify Connect is another major plus point.

Apple Music, while beautifully designed with a familiar Apple aesthetic, can seem overwhelming due to its numerous tabs and options. However, its seamless integration across Apple devices and Siri support offer an advantage to users invested in the Apple ecosystem.


Spotify edges ahead in terms of availability, being compatible with a wider range of platforms, including Linux, smart TVs, game consoles, and smart speakers. Apple Music, while offering strong integration within the Apple ecosystem, does not support as many non-Apple platforms.

Compatibility with Voice Assistants

For users who frequently use voice assistants, Spotify wins the round with support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Apple's Siri. Apple Music, on the other hand, only fully supports Siri.

Unique Features

Each platform boasts unique features that enhance the user experience. Spotify's Collaborative Playlists, Spotify Codes, and diverse podcast content stand out, while Apple Music's Spatial Audio, exclusive radio shows, and music videos offer a distinctive edge.

Social Features

Spotify takes the lead in social features, offering collaborative playlists, a friend activity feed, and seamless sharing options. Apple Music, though offering playlist-sharing, falls behind in terms of social integration.

Library Management

For music collectors, Apple Music excels in library management. Its iCloud Music Library feature allows users to upload their own songs and access them across all devices. Spotify's library management features are more basic in comparison.

Lyrics and Karaoke Features

Both platforms offer on-screen lyrics, but Apple Music takes it a step further with its Apple Music Sing feature that transforms any song into a karaoke track.

Wrapping Up

Deciding the winner in the Apple Music vs Spotify battle is subjective and depends on individual preferences. If high-resolution audio and integration within the Apple ecosystem are your priorities, Apple Music is the clear choice. However, if you value a free tier, better social features, and a more intuitive user interface, Spotify may be the better fit.

Ultimately, both platforms offer a rich music streaming experience and are worthy contenders in the music streaming industry. Consider your personal preferences, give their free trials a spin, and decide which one strikes the right note for you.

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