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Best Business Ideas for Women in 2024

Women are really making strides in business these days. In the U.S., they run 39.1% of all businesses. These businesses have made an incredible $2.7 trillion. This shows how strong women entrepreneurs are. So, what's next for them as 2024 approaches? Here, we will look at great business ideas for women. These ideas can help women succeed and open new doors of opportunity.

Key Takeaways

  • Women-owned businesses account for 39.1% of all businesses in the US and generate $2.7 trillion in revenue.

  • Enhancing support and mentorship for women business owners is crucial for continued growth.

  • Online businesses and side hustles offer flexible opportunities for women to leverage their skills and interests.

  • Specialized services like photography, interior design, and event planning are in high demand and can be profitable ventures.

Best Business Ideas for Women

Women's Entrepreneurship on the Rise

Entrepreneurship is changing fast, with more women taking charge. Almost 40% of small businesses in America are owned by women.

Women-owned businesses have seen massive growth. These companies employ roughly 12.2 million people and bring in $2.7 trillion in revenue.

The increase in women-led businesses highlights their hard work and creativity. With better support and overcoming barriers, female entrepreneurship's potential is limitless. This could drive the economy significantly.

Best Business Ideas for Women

Today's business world welcomes women as successful entrepreneurs. There are many business ideas perfect for women, from working at home to starting online. This is a great chance for anyone, from moms wanting a part-time job to those eager to start their own venture.

Starting a business offers a lot of flexibility, important for many women. These opportunities can be run from home. They let you manage both work and family roles well. Plus, they don't need a lot of money upfront, which is great for new entrepreneurs.

For moms, there are great ideas like child, elderly, or pet care services. There are also online options, like selling products or dropshipping. Skills in things like photography, makeup, or design are perfect for stay-at-home moms and those looking for low-cost businesses.

No matter who you are, there's a business idea out there for you. Finding a need in the market and using your talents can make your business flourish.

When looking at business ideas, find something you love and are good at. From selling products online to offering advice, there are endless possibilities. It's about choosing what fits you best.

Starting your own business means being brave and creative. There will be challenges, but with hard work and a learning attitude, success is possible. Turning a business idea into reality is about your dedication and drive.

Photography Business

Many women have a gift for photography. They know how to make people relax in front of the lens. They can start a successful photography business. There are many areas to specialize in like events, portraits, or even real estate photography.

A photography business offers unique benefits. Some clients prefer working with a woman behind the camera. You can capture weddings, family moments, or create professional photos. Your ability to connect with people sets you apart in the photo industry.

It's important to know where you fit in the market. Aerial photography with drones is growing. There's always a need for stock photos for the web. Brand photography and shooting events are also popular now.

Keeping your skills sharp is essential. Stay updated with new camera techniques and editing tools. Use online resources and social media to grow your business. A great portfolio can attract more clients.

Focus on quality and building strong ties with your clients. With dedication and smart planning, your passion in photography can lead to a rewarding business.

Makeup and Hairstyling Business

The makeup and hairstyling world is full of opportunities for those eager to start their own businesses. Skilled makeup artists and hairstylists are always in demand. If you love creating amazing looks for events or wish to offer styling on the go, this could be perfect for you.

The beauty industry is expected to reach approximately $580 billion by 2027. Source: McKinsey

Starting your own makeup and hairstyling venture allows you to choose your way of working. You can skip the usual high costs of a salon or spa. Instead, offer your services where your clients are. Providing services in homes or at events cuts costs and makes it easier for your customers.

For makeup artists, there's a big chance to grow. You could add makeup applications to your list of services. Many people hire professionals to look their best for important events.

  • Mobile styling services are becoming more popular. They offer clients more convenience and customization.

  • The demand for makeup, especially in areas like eye makeup and lash enhancements, is increasing.

  • Look for chances to work with event planners, photographers, and others in beauty and wellness. This can help you reach more customers.

Key to success is keeping up with trends, using top gear and products, and having a strong personal brand. Doing so will help your business stand out in the ever-changing beauty world.

Interior Design Business

The interior design business is perfect for creative people wanting their own successful venture. It covers both homes and businesses. This field is full of chances for those ready to take them.

People often need help making their spaces look good and work well. If you know about colors, furniture, and how to plan a room, you're ready. You get to help turn people's dreams into real spaces.

Keeping up with what's new in design is a must. It makes you better than the rest. It's how you become the go-to person in your area. Plus, it keeps your work fresh and exciting.

Starting your own design business means investing in the right tools. This includes a computer, a good printer, and special software. You'll also need a lot for your office, like a phone, business cards, and a website. Be ready to spend some money at the start.

You can offer more than design alone to grow your business. Services like home staging or organizing can make you stand out. Getting additional certifications can also help you look more professional than others.

Running an interior design business is not always easy. But with passion, self-confidence, and love for what you do, you can overcome anything. Stay positive and focused on quality. This is how you build a business that truly satisfies your clients.

Event Planning and Wedding Planning Businesses

If you love organizing and have an eye for detail, starting an event or wedding planning business might be perfect for you. Both fields are full of opportunities for skilled entrepreneurs.

As a planner, you'd focus on making events beautiful. You'll work with vendors and handle all the details to make sure your clients have a great time.

Diving into niche markets within event planning can be very profitable. Areas like corporate events, charity functions, or destination weddings allow you to charge more and be seen as an expert.

Success in event or wedding planning comes from creating flawless and unforgettable experiences for your clients. Your skills in organization, communication, and creative thinking will help you stand out in this competitive industry.

Consulting and Coaching Businesses

Are you skilled in business and love helping others succeed? Starting a consulting business might be perfect for you. You can use what you know to guide small business owners. This will help them tackle challenges and reach their goals. You could specialize in helping retail, e-commerce, or service businesses.

And if inspiring others is your superpower, consider coaching. This might be in areas such as life, business, or career. Coaching is growing fast, especially among women entrepreneurs.

Consulting Opportunities for Women

Women entrepreneurs can find plenty of consulting roles. Here are a few popular ideas:

  • Help new entrepreneurs with business plans and presentations as a Business Startup Consultant.

  • Advise businesses on running better and making more profit as a Business Management Consultant.

  • Improve companies' social media success by being a Social Media Consultant.

  • Shape brand images with your PR skills as a PR Consultant.

  • Boost wellness with custom fitness plans by becoming a Fitness Consultant.

To start a consulting business, you usually need some years of experience. This ensures you offer top-notch advice. With a strong focus and expertise, women can run very successful consulting firms.

Coaching Opportunities for Women

Coaching is another area where demand is high. It's a great way to help others in personal or professional life. Women can use their journeys to guide others. Here are some popular coaching roles:

  • Life Coaches help people grow personally, conquer challenges, and find happiness.

  • Business Coaches offer advice and keep business owners on track to meet their objectives.

  • Career Coaches aid in job hunting, resume building, and career growth.

Through coaching, women entrepreneurs can have a lasting effect on their clients. They can also create a business that brings them joy and success.

Dropshipping and E-commerce Businesses

Want to jump into e-commerce but without the fuss of stock management? Dropshipping is a smart choice. It lets you sell items to customers without needing to stock inventory. Just pick a niche, set up your online store, and your supplier will ship products for you.

Dropshipping is great for those starting an online business. It requires less money upfront. You get to focus on making your brand and serving customers. This method is ideal for newcomers who wish to avoid the usual hurdles of starting a business in retail.

Or you could launch your online shop with products you've chosen yourself. This route demands more effort upfront. You'll need to find suppliers, keep track of stock, and manage shipping. But it allows you to shape the customer's shopping experience and brand your store.

Whichever road you take, choosing a profitable niche is key. Make sure your online store is easy to navigate. Focus on effective marketing. This will help keep your customers coming back.

Capitalize on Emerging Trends

To boost your online store or dropshipping business, think about these trends:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable products, such as biodegradable baby toiletries

  • Niche food and specialty items that cater to unique consumer preferences

  • Educational materials and subscription-based offerings for consistent revenue streams

  • Collectibles, antiques, and upcycled/repurposed goods for trend-conscious consumers

  • Plant-based products that promote wellness and cognitive health benefits

  • Second-hand fashion reselling to capitalize on the decluttering trend

Keep your business in line with what customers want. By doing so, you set yourself up for success in the booming online retail market.


Female entrepreneurship is growing fast. Women are starting new businesses quickly. They range from personal services to online shops. Women bring their special skills and love for emerging tech into these ventures. This way, they're boosting their own success and helping the American economy grow.

Recent data reveals a rise in women-owned businesses. They're doing well in tech, consulting, event planning, and more. The idea of starting with little money and flexible work hours draws many women. It helps them find a balance and financial freedom.

Thinking about a photography business, hairstyles, interior design, or something else? The field is wide open for women to succeed. By exploring the best business ideas for women, female leaders can break boundaries, motivate others, and lead the way in entrepreneurship.


What is the current state of women-owned businesses in the US?

Currently, 39.1 percent of US businesses are owned by women. These businesses bring in $2.7 trillion in revenue.

What are some profitable and flexible business ideas for women?

For women wanting to start a business, several options are great. This includes personal services like photography and makeup, e-commerce through dropshipping or retail, creative projects, and working from home. These options need little initial cost, making them perfect for someone just starting.

How can women start a successful photography business?

Being a good photographer who can make clients comfortable is key. Start your business with events like weddings or family photos. Specialize in areas that help other businesses, such as real estate photos or stock photography.

What are the benefits of starting a makeup and hairstyling business?

To start in the beauty business, you don't need a big salon. If you're good at hair or makeup, offer your services to clients at their location. This could be for special events or just for lessons. A mobile service can make it easier for customers.

How can women start a successful interior design business?

If you are creative and can make spaces pleasing, consider interior design. Many homeowners look for experts to make their space better. You'll help people's homes reflect their taste and style.

What are the benefits of starting an event planning or wedding planning business?

Event planners need to be organized and good at communicating. If you excel here, consider event planning. You could also focus on weddings, specializing in certain types like less traditional venues or high-end affairs.

What are the advantages of starting a consulting or coaching business?

Sharing your business wisdom through consulting can be rewarding. Guide small business owners to success. Also, consider personal coaching if you're good at motivating others. You can help people reach their life or career goals.

How can women start a successful dropshipping or e-commerce business?

Looking to sell online without keeping stock? Try dropshipping. Pick a niche, set up an online shop, and sell products. The items are sent to customers directly from the supplier. This method requires less investment upfront.

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