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Chime Funding Rounds: A Comprehensive Overview

With the digital economy rapidly growing, businesses are increasingly turning to investor capital to fuel their growth. Chime, a financial technology company offering modern banking services and products to customers across the US, has raised an impressive $2.3B in funding rounds.

In this blog post, we'll take a comprehensive look at Chime's various funding rounds — from seed investments to Series venture rounds — along with details of key investors, IPO, valuation, acquisitions, and more.

Chime Funding Rounds

Chime - Company Overview

Chime is a financial technology company that has been making waves in the banking industry since its founding in 2012. Itmission is simple: to provide basic banking services that are helpful, easy, and free. The brains behind the operation are Chris Britt and Ryan King, who recognized the need for a modern banking solution that could keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Chime is a neobank with over 14.5 million users, making it the most popular choice for digital banking in the US. - Source: Forbes

Chime's innovative approach to banking has earned it a dedicated following of customers who appreciate the convenience of mobile banking without the fees typically associated with traditional banks. As more people discover the benefits of banking with Chime, it's clear that the company is poised to continue disrupting the industry for years to come.

Chime Funding Rounds:

Since its initial seed round in 2013, Chime has raised an impressive $2.3 billion over 11 funding rounds. The most recent funding round in 2023 shows the incredible growth and support this fintech company has received.

​Funding Round


Amount Raised

Seed Round

Aug, 2013


Series A

Nov, 2014


Series A

May 2016


Series B

Sep, 2017


Series C

​May, 2018


Series D

March, 2019


Series E

Dec, 2019


Series F

Sep, 2020


Series G

Aug, 2021


Series B

​Jul, 2023


Data Credits: Crunchbase

Chime Key Investors

The key investors of Chime are:

  • Menlo Ventures

  • Crosslink Capital

  • DST Global

  • Cathay Innovation

  • Aspect Ventures

  • Sequoia Capital Global Equities

Chime Acquisitions

Here is a list of Chime's acquisitions:

  • Pinch (Sep 2018): Pinch is a startup that helps millennials and young adults build their credit scores by reporting on-time rent payments to credit bureaus.

  • Charlie Finance Co. (Aug 2021): Charlie is a personal financial management tool that uses artificial intelligence and text-based communication.

Chime IPO and Valuation

Chime was valued at 1.5 billion US dollars in 2019. Its valuation rose to 25 billion US dollars in the summer of 2021, at the height of investor interest in fintech startups. Chime had aimed for a valuation of 35 to 45 billion US dollars when it was expected to go public in early 2022 but announced that it was delaying its IPO.

Most Asked Questions

What is the total funding raised by Chime?

Chime has raised a total of $2.3 billion over 11 rounds of funding.

Who were some of the notable investors in Chime's funding rounds?

Chime has been backed by a number of prominent venture capital firms, including Sequoia Capital, Crosslink Capital, DST Global, Menlo Ventures, Cathay Innovation and Aspect Ventures.

How did Chime use the funds from its funding rounds?

Chime used the funds from its funding rounds to grow its user base by marketing and advertising its services, developing new products and features to make its banking platform more user-friendly and convenient, expanding its partnerships to offer its users more payment options and rewards, investing in its infrastructure to ensure that it can handle the growing demand for its services, and prepare for an IPO by strengthening its financial position and building its brand awareness.

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