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How to Start a Business in Hong Kong? (2024)

Hong Kong has always been a favorite location for starting a business. Hong Kong offers a multitude of benefits to businesses established there. It contains all the necessary things that are required to start a successful business such as a business-friendly environment, strategic location, robust legal framework, developed infrastructure, world-class connectivity, strong banking system, low tax rates and many more. All these factors allow entrepreneurs to start businesses in Hong Kong without much difficulty. 

Another important factor that helps entrepreneurs easily set up a business in Hong Kong is the support from the government. The Hong Kong government offers various business grants and has launched several projects and schemes to support businesses in Hong Kong. The procedure to set up a business in Hong Kong is counted among the easiest procedures in the world. Entrepreneurs need to follow some simple steps to establish a successful business in Hong Kong. Following these steps makes the business set-up process easy for entrepreneurs and reduces the chances of mistakes in the process. This is a step-by-step guide to starting a business in Hong Kong. Read the complete article so that you don't miss any important steps. 

How to Start a Business in Hong Kong?

Steps to Start a Business in Hong Kong

The steps to start a business in Hong Kong are given below in detail. Entrepreneurs need to follow each step wisely without leaving any important step. 

1. Conduct Market Research 

The first and foremost step to starting a business in Hong Kong is conducting thorough market research. A thorough market research can provide you with vital information about the market and allow you to make strategies according to it. It provides you with information such as the latest trends, demands of the customers, strategies of the competitors and many other things. A thorough market research allows you to choose a business niche and make informed decisions. It also minimizes the possibility of business failures in Hong Kong. 

2. Choose a Business Name

After you have chosen a business niche, you are required to choose a name for your business. The name of the business can resonate with your work or can be named after your goal. The name of your business should be attractive and memorable because if the name gets in the memories of the customers, they might recommend the business to others increasing the chances of success. Moreover, the name you are choosing for your business should not be in use by any other entity which means you must choose a unique name. 

3. Select your Business Structure

Selecting a business structure is one of the most important steps in starting a business in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong business has several options to choose a business structure in Hong Kong including LLC, corporation and partnership. Business structure plays a vital role in the success of a business in Hong Kong. Each business structure has unique advantages and disadvantages. Businesses must choose a business structure that best fits the business and increases the chances of growth in Hong Kong. Businesses can enjoy various benefits based on the structure they choose and achieve the desired goal.

4. Appoint a Company Secretary and Directors

According to the laws of Hong Kong, businesses in Hong Kong should have at least one director and one company secretary. Businesses in Hong Kong are required to appoint a company secretary for their business. A company secretary can be an individual or a corporation. Directors and shareholders are also required to be appointed in a Hong Kong business. Directors and shareholders can be either a different person or the same person. However, the director and the company secretary of the business should be two different entities. 

5. Get a Registered Address

Businesses need to have a registered business address in Hong Kong. Businesses willing to start their operations in Hong Kong need to have a physical address in Hong Kong where mail and other important documents can be sent. The address you are choosing cannot be a P.O. Box address. Entrepreneurs can either choose their home address as their business address or some other address. If they want to maintain their privacy, they can choose a business address or get a registered business address in Hong Kong through various entities. 

6. Arrange the Documents

To start a business in Hong Kong, businesses need to arrange various documents. The list of documents needed to register a business in Hong Kong includes company name registration, information about the business structure, registered address information, directors and shareholders information, company secretary, articles of association, identification documents, notice to the business registration office, registration form and some other documents. Businesses must arrange all the documents properly and should not forget any documents. 

7. Submit an Application for Company Incorporation

Incorporating your company in Hong Kong is an excessively important step. It involves two procedures that are carried out simultaneously. The first one is incorporation and the second one is registration. To incorporate your business in Hong Kong, you must apply to the Companies Registry. Businesses can apply through the e-Service Portal which is open 24×7. They can also send a hard copy of the application with the required fees. The registration process is explained below in detail. 

8. Fill and Submit Registration Form

After you have arranged all the important documents, you are required to fill in all the details of your business in the business registration form and submit it to the Business Registration Office (BRO). The documents you have arranged and the form you have filled should be handled carefully because any mistake in the form or documents may result in the cancellation of the registration. Businesses must fill out the registration form by taking enough time so that they don't make any errors in filling the form. While registering your business in Hong Kong, you will also need to submit a registration fee to the concerned authority.

9. Set up a Business Bank Account

Lastly, you are required to set up a business bank account in Hong Kong for your business. A business bank account helps you in keeping your business and personal expenses separate. This eliminates the chances of confusion between personal and business funds and assists you in earning better gains in Hong Kong. It also helps you manage business funds in a better and more convenient manner. Opening a business bank account in Hong Kong also allows you to file annual tax returns correctly, resulting in improved profits.  


Starting a business in Hong Kong is one of the wisest choices one can make while starting a business. Hong Kong is the perfect place to start a business because of the benefits it provides. If you are willing to start a successful business in Hong Kong,, you must follow some steps. The steps to set up a business in Hong Kong are conducting market research, choosing a business name, selecting your business structure, appointing a company secretary and director, getting a registered business address, arranging required documents, submitting an incorporation application, filling and submitting registration form, and setting up a business bank account. A detailed description of these steps is given in the above article.

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