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18 Most Successful Shark Tank Products (2024)

Are you curious about the most successful products that have ever come out of ABC's hit show Shark Tank? Ever since it first aired in 2009, the show has been showcasing some brilliant business ideas and inspiring entrepreneurs. From cutlery sets to pet trackers, a wide variety of inventive products have pitched their way into the willing pockets of all five celebrity "sharks" - Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful), Daymond John and Lori Greiner. But which ones have gone on to become household names? Join us as we walk through the most successful shark tank products from different seasons over the years that have made an indelible mark!

1. Bombas

Bombas, a comfort-focused sock brand, has taken the world by storm as one of the most successful Shark Tank products. What sets Bombas apart is their philanthropic mission to help those in need. For every pair of socks purchased, another pair gets donated to homeless shelters. The founders of Bombas, David Heath, and Randy Goldberg, were inspired by the idea that socks are one of the most-needed items at homeless shelters. This admirable mission resonated with consumers, resulting in a staggering $225 million in sales. Bombas secured an investment from well-known Shark Tank investor Daymond John, who invested $200,000 for a 17.5% stake. With a top-quality product and a heartwarming mission, it is no surprise that Bombas is one of the most successful Shark Tank products.

2. Scrub Daddy

When it comes to Shark Tank products, Scrub Daddy is undoubtedly one of the most successful. This innovative sponge is designed to change hardness based on water temperature, making it a versatile tool for cleaning a variety of surfaces. With a smiley face design and a double-sided mouth, it's easy to see why people love this product. But what has really set Scrub Daddy apart is its staggering sales figures. To date, it has brought in over $209 million in sales. This kind of success is a testament to the creative genius of its founder, Aaron Krause, and the power of a great idea. No wonder Lori Greiner was willing to invest $200,000 for a 20% stake!

3. Squatty Potty

The brainchild of founder Bobby Edwards, Squatty Potty has revolutionized the way we approach our bathroom business. By simply placing the stool in front of your toilet, it changes the angle of your legs and makes it easier and more efficient to do your thing. And apparently, people can't get enough of it. As of now, Squatty Potty has garnered an impressive $175 million in sales. It's no wonder investor Lori Greiner was eager to get in on the action, investing $350,000 for a 10% stake in the company during Season 6, Episode 9 of Shark Tank. Squatty Potty truly proves that sometimes the most successful products are ones that help us with our most basic and fundamental needs.

4. Simply Fit Board

Simply Fit Board is an innovative exercise tool that has taken the fitness world by storm. Created by Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clark, this unique exercise board requires you to balance on it while twisting back and forth to work your core muscles. It's like a skateboard without any wheels, and surprisingly effective. Not only do its users attest to its effectiveness, but the business metrics speak for themselves - $160 million in sales since its appearance on Shark Tank in Season 7, Episode 8. Thanks to an investment of $125,000 by Lori Greiner for a 20% stake, the Simply Fit Board has become one of the most successful products ever to come out of the Shark Tank.

5. The Comfy

This wearable hoodie blanket has been dubbed the "Blanket You Wear," and it's easy to see why. With its plush, fleece-lined design, The Comfy has captivated audiences since it first appeared on Shark Tank in Season 9, Episode 10. The product's founders, Brian and Michael Speciale, have managed to generate an astounding $250 million in sales, putting The Comfy in a league of its own. Even the sharks were impressed, with Barbara Corcoran investing $50,000 for a 30% stake. It's no wonder that The Comfy has inspired copycat products, as it truly offers a unique and comfortable experience that people can't get enough of.

6. Tipsy Elves

When it comes to Shark Tank success stories, Tipsy Elves definitely takes the cake. What started as a brand specializing in holiday-themed apparel, specifically ugly Christmas sweaters, skyrocketed to mainstream success thanks to founders Nick Morton and Evan Mendelsohn's vision and Shark Tank investment from Robert Herjavec. Taking an age-old concept and breathing new life into it, Tipsy Elves earned a whopping $125 million in sales and proved that even the most seemingly outdated ideas can be made fresh and exciting again. It just goes to show that sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and a big dream to make it big.

7. The Bouqs

Flowers are a staple in our everyday lives, from special occasions to brightening up our homes. The Bouqs recognized this and saw a way to bring affordable, eco-friendly blooms to the masses. By partnering directly with flower farms and cutting out the middlemen, The Bouqs was able to offer prices up to 80% lower than traditional florists. Their success was noticed on Shark Tank in Season 5, Episode 27, where they caught the attention of investor Robert Herjavec and invested in the company. Founder John Tabis' vision has truly blossomed into a fruitful business, and it's exciting to see what they have in store for the future.

8. Sleep Styler

Sleep Styler has revolutionized the hair styling industry with their innovative product that allows you to style your hair while you sleep using heat-free memory foam-based rollers. What's more exciting? The product has generated a whopping $100 million in sales, proving its worth in the market. The brains behind this genius product is the founder, Tara Brown, who made her pitch on Shark Tank in Season 8, Episode 19. The product caught the attention of eminent investor Lori Greiner, who invested $75,000 for a 25% stake in the company. With this kind of investment, it is clear that the Sleep Styler product has huge potential to grow even further in the market.

9. Safe Grabs

Founded by Cyndi Lee, Safe Grabs manufactured silicone mats that were designed to fit in microwaves and under bowls and plates. The ingenious product solved a common problem that many of us have faced – burning ourselves while trying to take out hot dishes from the microwave. Safe Grabs' revenue clocked in at a staggering $5 million, and it's no surprise that the product caught the eye of the shrewd investor Lori Greiner, who invested $75,000 for a 25% stake in the company. Safe Grabs is a perfect example of how a simple, well-executed product can disrupt the market and make waves in the business world.

10. ReadeREST

ReadeREST has solidified its place in the business world as one of the most successful Shark Tank products yet. Founded by Rick Hopper, this magnetic pocket clip solves a common problem that many of us face: misplacing our reading glasses. With $27 million in sales and investment from Shark Tank's own Lori Greiner, it's clear that ReadeREST has a strong hold on the market. The convenience of being able to hang your glasses to the front of your shirt when you're not using them proves to be a hit with consumers. It's no wonder why this product made such an impact on Shark Tank during its Season 3, Episode 2 appearance.

11. Stasher Bags

These reusable and eco-friendly food storage bags have taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Made with food-grade silicone and available in various shapes and sizes, they’re perfect for anyone looking to reduce their single-use plastic waste. In fact, Stasher Bags has seen an impressive $12 million in annual revenue, making it one of the most successful products in Shark Tank's history. It's no wonder that Mark Cuban was quick to invest $400,000 in exchange for a 15% stake during its debut on Season 9, Episode 16. The founder, Kat Nouri, has created an innovative and sustainable product that's changing the way we think about food storage.

12. Groovebook

This innovative app allowed social media users to easily print customized photo books of their favorite photos. Although Groovebook was discontinued in 2022, it remains a remarkable success story for its founders, Julie and Brian Whiteman, as well as the Sharks who invested in the idea. In 2015, Shutterfly acquired Groovebook for $14.5 million, a testament to its popularity and profitability. When it first appeared on Shark Tank in Season 5, Episode 13, Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary recognized its potential and invested $150,000 for 80% of the licensing rights. While Groovebook may no longer be available, its impact on the world of technology and entrepreneurship is undeniable.

13. Drop Stop

This innovative product fits perfectly into the gap between your car seat and center console, preventing anything from falling through, especially when you’re driving. With over $24 million in sales and investment from Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner, it's no wonder why Drop Stop is the most successful Shark Tank product to date. Its founders, Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon, pitched their idea on Season 4, Episode 20, and have been booming ever since. Whether you’re a busy parent or just a person on the go, Drop Stop makes driving a whole lot more convenient.

14. Grace and Lace

Founded by Rick and Melissa Hinnant, this women's clothing and accessories company made a splash with their lacy socks that paired perfectly with boots. Their appearance on Season 5, Episode 10 of Shark Tank caught the attention of investor Barbara Corcoran, who saw the potential in the brand's unique product. And the numbers don't lie: since their time on the show, Grace and Lace have generated an impressive $20 million in sales. It's clear that their commitment to quality and style has paid off, making Grace and Lace a true success story.

15. EverlyWell

EverlyWell has emerged as one of the most successful Shark Tank products of all time, revolutionizing the medical lab testing market. Founded by Julia Cheeks, the company offers at-home sample collection and lab testing kits for over 30 ailments. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, EverlyWell has even added the virus to its list of available tests. Their aim is to provide customers with easy-to-use and understandable results, making medical testing more accessible than ever before. With a valuation of $2.9 billion and an investment of $1 million from Lori Greiner for a 5% stake, it's clear that the Shark Tank investors saw the potential in this innovative company.

16. Bantam Bagels

Bantam Bagels is an example of a Shark Tank product that hit it big. This company, founded by Nick and Elyse Oleksak, came up with the idea for freezer-friendly, cream cheese-filled bagel bites, a winning combination of two beloved breakfast staples. The idea caught the eye of Shark Lori Greiner, who invested $275K for a 25% stake in the company. The rest, as they say, is history. Bantam Bagels has grown to boast $20 million in annual sales, making it one of the most successful products to ever come out of Shark Tank. It just goes to show that sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most successful.

17. Bottle Breacher

The Bottle Breacher has made quite an impact since its debut on Shark Tank. This unique bottle opener is proving that there is a market for products that are stylish, functional, and give back to the community. The Bottle Breacher is a veteran-owned company that takes a decommissioned 50-caliber bullet and repurposes it into a sleek and modern bottle opener. Eli and Jen Crane, the founders of Bottle Breacher, not only have managed to create a visually striking product, but they have also been able to donate a portion of their profits to non-profit military organizations. With $15 million in sales and investments from Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank, the Bottle Breacher is one of the most successful products to come out of the show.

18. PhoneSoap

The brainchild of Wesley Laporte and Dan Barnes, this revolutionary smartphone charger and sterilizer has made a huge impact since its debut in Season 6, Episode 24. By using UV light to kill 99.9% of germs on your phone’s surfaces while it charges, PhoneSoap offers a unique solution to an age-old problem. And with $150 million in sales and investment from Lori Greiner, it’s clear that PhoneSoap is not only a game-changing product but a true financial success story.

Most Asked Questions

1. What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a popular American business reality television series on ABC that has been on air since August 9, 2009. What sets Shark Tank apart from other reality TV shows is its unique panel of investors, nicknamed the "sharks". These successful business people listen to product and company presentations from aspiring entrepreneurs and then decide whether to invest. Shark Tank captures the excitement and tension of these high high-stakes business deals, making it a must-watch for many fans of entrepreneurialism and business.

2. What types of products and services are featured on Shark Tank?

The products and services featured on Shark Tank are incredibly varied, ranging from innovative gadgets and tools to unique fashion items and specialized food and beverage offerings. Many of the most successful pitches feature products that solve everyday problems or fill a niche in the market, creating new opportunities for consumers. Other pitches focus on providing personalized services, such as coaching and consultation, to help entrepreneurs and individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Ultimately, Shark Tank offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing the incredible diversity and potential of modern businesses and the individuals behind them.

3. What is the most successful Shark Tank product ever?

As a popular television show that highlights entrepreneurs and their products, "Shark Tank" has seen its fair share of successful pitches. However, one product stands out as the most successful with over $225 million in lifetime sales. Bombas, a company that sells comfortable socks and T-shirts, not only provides high-quality products but also donates one item per item sold to support the homeless. With the backing of Daymond John, the founder of FUBU, Bombas has made a significant impact and donated over 50 million items to community organizations. It's no wonder that Bombas takes the top spot as Shark Tank's most successful product, surpassing other popular products such as Scrub Daddy and Squatty Potty.

4. Who are the Sharks on Shark Tank?

The panel of investors, a.k.a the Sharks, is made up of some impressive business moguls, including Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Emma Grede, and Peter Jones CBE. While each Shark brings something unique to the table, they all have one thing in common: their love for a good deal. These successful investors and entrepreneurs don't hold back when it comes to their investment opportunities, making the show that much more entertaining.

5. What is the least successful product on Shark Tank?

Every Shark Tank episode has its fair share of successes and failures. While there have been many winning pitches that have taken off, there are a few that fell flat on their faces. One of the least successful products on Shark Tank is ToyGaroo. While the idea of a "Netflix for toys" may seem appealing, the subscription service ultimately failed to catch on. Another flop is ShowNo Towels, a towel shaped like a poncho. Despite its practicality, the product failed to generate enough interest to be successful. Sweet Ballz, the maker of cake balls sold in grocery stores, also failed to take off. Finally, Body Jac, a fitness device meant to make push-ups easier for those not in shape, unfortunately also failed to gain traction. Though these products were not successful on the Shark Tank stage, it is important to remember that taking a risk and putting oneself out there is a brave and commendable action.

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