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11 Top Startups in Finland (2024)

Finland has proven itself as a great place for tech startups over the past decade, with many of them now global success stories.

As one of Europe's most innovative countries, its vibrant startup scene is full of exciting possibilities and extraordinary entrepreneurial talent. Whether you're an investor or just curious about the latest trends in Finnish startups, we've compiled a list of some top startups from Finland that are worth your attention!

Finland is ranked 13th among the world's best startup ecosystems. - Source: StartupBlink

Get ready to explore the hottest Finnish startups right now!

Top Startups in Finland

Top Startups in Finland (2024 - List)

Here are the top startups in Finland:

1. Wolt

Founders: Elias Aalto, Juhani Mykkänen, Lauri Andler, Mika Matikainen, Miki Kuusi, Oskari Petas

Total Funding Amount: $822.5M

Founded Year: 2014

Wolt has become a game changer in the Finnish food delivery market. With its focus on real-time logistics optimization, Wolt offers timely and efficient food delivery services to customers. The company's innovative approach has earned it a reputation for reliability and convenience, which has resonated with both consumers and restaurants alike.

2. Supermetrics

Founders: Mikael Thuneberg

Total Funding Amount: €43.5M

Founded Year: 2013


Supermetrics, a B2B software company headquartered in Finland, is aiming to do just that. Their innovative platform pulls data from various sources to be used for web analytics, social media, and online marketing. With a focus on providing a simpler and more efficient way for their clients to collect and analyze data, Supermetrics is paving the way for the future of data-driven decision making.

3. Aiven

Founders: Hannu Valtonen, Heikki Nousiainen, Oskari Saarenmaa

Total Funding Amount: $420M

Founded Year: 2016


Aiven is an innovative company that provides businesses with an easy and efficient way to manage their data infrastructure in the cloud. The Aiven team is technology-driven and highly skilled, making them experts at what they do. With its cutting-edge services and forward-thinking approach, it's no wonder Aiven has already made a name for itself in the industry.

4. Basemark

Founders: Arto Ruotsalainen, Tero Sarkkinen

Total Funding Amount: €10.5M

Founded Year: 2015


Basemark is an automotive AR technology company, an area that has captured the imagination of both consumers and industry insiders. Using augmented reality, Basemark has developed a way for car manufacturers to offer more personalized and immersive experiences for drivers, enabling them to fully explore and appreciate their vehicles.

5. Yousician

Founders: Chris Thür, Mikko Kaipainen

Total Funding Amount: $32.8M

Founded Year: 2010


Yousician is a leader in the field of online musical education. With its web and mobile apps, Yousician brings instrumental learning to life by providing users with instant feedback on their performance. This Finnish startup has transformed the traditional methods of learning music into an immersive experience that not only teaches the fundamentals of playing an instrument but also motivates students through fun and interactive gameplay.


Founders: Pekka Laurila, Rafal Modrzewski

Total Funding Amount: $313.3M

Founded Year: 2014

One of the most promising startup companies in Finland is ICEYE, whose focus is on radar imaging solutions for a variety of industries, including defense, government, and insurance. ICEYE's innovative technology has helped them stand out from their competitors, offering high-quality imaging solutions that are affordable and accessible.

7. Happeo

Founders: Antero Hanhirova, Perttu Ojansuu, Vesa Sironen

Total Funding Amount: $46M

Founded Year: 2017


Happeo is an innovative tech company that has developed a next-gen intranet that streamlines internal communications and knowledge management for teams. With Happeo, businesses can keep all their important information in one unified place, helping to foster collaboration and productivity.

8. Oura

Founders: Markku Koskela, Petteri Lahtela

Total Funding Amount: $148.3M

Founded Year: 2013


Oura is a Finnish startup that is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry with its innovative wearable ring technology. These rings are designed to track and enhance both sleep and performance, making them an essential tool for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to optimize their physical and mental well-being.

9. AppFollow

Founders: Anatoly Sharifulin, Eugene Kruglov, Pavel Vlasov

Total Funding Amount: $7.3M

Founded Year: 2015


AppFollow is a dynamic B2B SaaS company that is a game-changer in the mobile app industry with its one-stop platform. AppFollow promises to help businesses drive mobile app growth and increase customer loyalty, making it an essential tool for any startup looking to make a splash in the market.

10. Hoxhunt

Founders: Mika Aalto, Pyry Åvist

Total Funding Amount: $43.3M

Founded Year: 2016


Hoxhunt offers comprehensive cybersecurity training services to help businesses protect their invaluable data and provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to defend against cyber threats. Based in Finland, Hoxhunt is on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, and its talented team is continuously developing new and creative solutions to protect the digital world.

11. Sensible 4

Founders: Harri Santamala, Jari Saarinen, Jussi Suomela, Tommi Rimpiläinen

Total Funding Amount: $17.1M

Founded Year: 2017

Sensible 4

Sensible 4 is an innovative startup company that is revolutionizing the way we think about driving. Specializing in autonomous driving software, they are paving the way toward a future where self-driving vehicles are the norm. What makes Sensible 4 unique is its focus on all-year-round use, something that sets them apart from other companies in the field.

Most Asked Questions

1. Is Finland good for startups in 2024?

Finland's startup ecosystem is on the rise, making it a promising destination for entrepreneurs seeking a foothold in Europe. With a population of just over five million, its small size does not deter its potential for innovation. Finland offers support to startups in the form of incubators, accelerators, and funding programs. Furthermore, the country's progressive policies and well-developed education system provide a talent pool of skilled graduates who are eager to put their knowledge into practice. All in all, with its vibrant startup community, government support, and skilled workforce, Finland is a promising location for startups to flourish and achieve success.

Finland has a low corporate tax rate of 20%, among the lowest in the EU and the Nordics. Businesses conducting R&D get a permanent tax deduction for R&D costs, in addition to a 150% tax deduction for R&D subcontracting. The government is making the country more entrepreneur-friendly with its entrepreneurship resolution in effect from 2022 to 2027. - Source: Sartup Genome

2. What are the most successful startups in Finland?

In recent years, Finland has emerged as a hub of startup activity, with several companies making their mark in various industries. When we talk about the most successful startups in Finland, few names come to mind that have truly revolutionized their respective sectors. From a food delivery service to a health tracking ring, the country has seen startups rise and thrive in a short span of time. Wolt, Oura, Aiven, and Yousician are the top startups that have made their mark in various industries due to their innovative ideas and successful execution. These companies have not only achieved great success but have also created lucrative job opportunities in Finland's economy.

3. What are the advantages of starting a business in Finland?

When it comes to starting a business in Europe, Finland is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. There are numerous advantages of starting a business in Finland, ranging from a highly educated and skilled workforce to a business-friendly environment. One of the standout features of Finland's economy is its exceptional infrastructure, which includes seamless connectivity, reliable logistics, and state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, the country's government offers various incentives and grants to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth. Entrepreneurs in Finland benefit from excellent social security, a stable and predictable political environment, and a high standard of living, making it a perfect destination for ambitious business owners.

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