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300 Top Unicorn Companies in the USA (2024)

Here is a list of the 300 top Unicorn companies in the United States.

Unicorn companies in the USA are something that every business enthusiast should be aware of. These privately held startups, valued at over $1 billion, are making waves in the tech industry and beyond.

Top Unicorn Companies USA

1. SpaceX

A private aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company founded by Elon Musk, known for its ambitious goals of reducing space travel costs and enabling interplanetary colonization.

2. Stripe

A fintech company that provides payment processing solutions for online businesses, allowing them to accept payments, manage subscriptions, and handle other financial transactions easily and securely.

3. Instacart

An on-demand grocery delivery and pick-up service that connects customers with personal shoppers who fulfill their orders from local stores.


A e-cigarette company that gained popularity for its sleek design and nicotine-rich pods, but faced scrutiny for its marketing practices and appeal to young users.

5. Databricks

A data analytics and machine learning platform that simplifies big data processing and collaboration, based on Apache Spark.

6. Epic Games

The creator of popular video game titles like Fortnite and Unreal Engine, a game development platform widely used in the gaming industry.

7. Fanatics

An online retailer that specializes in sports merchandise and apparel, providing fans with a wide range of products from various sports teams and athletes.

8. Cruise

A self-driving technology company acquired by General Motors, focusing on developing autonomous vehicles for ridesharing and transportation services.

9. Waymo

Alphabet Inc.'s autonomous driving subsidiary, which develops self-driving technology and is considered a pioneer in the field of autonomous vehicles.

10. OpenAI

An artificial intelligence research lab and organization committed to developing and promoting friendly AI for the benefit of humanity.

11. Chime

A neobank or online bank that offers fee-free banking services and features for its customers through a mobile app.

12. Lineage Logistics

A leading provider of temperature-controlled logistics and cold storage solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of perishable goods.

13. Miro

A collaborative online whiteboard platform that enables teams to work together and brainstorm in real-time, popular for remote work and virtual collaboration.

14. Discord

A communication platform designed for gamers but expanded to include communities and various interest groups, offering voice, video, and text chat.

15. Gopuff

An on-demand delivery service specializing in convenience items, snacks, and household essentials, providing fast and convenient delivery within minutes.

16. CloudKitchens

A company founded focuses on providing shared kitchen spaces for delivery-only restaurants, also known as ghost kitchens.

17. Plaid

A financial technology company that connects various applications with users' bank accounts and facilitates seamless financial data integration.

18. OpenSea

A leading online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

19. Grammarly

A popular writing assistant tool that helps users improve their grammar, spelling, and writing style through AI-powered suggestions.

20. Devoted Health

A health insurance company that uses technology and data analytics to provide personalized healthcare plans for seniors.

21. Faire

An online wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with unique and artisanal products from small businesses.

22. GoodLeap

A renewable energy financing company that offers solar loans and energy-efficient financing solutions for homeowners.

23. Biosplice Therapeutics

A biotechnology company focused on developing innovative RNA therapies to treat genetic diseases and disorders.

24. Deel

A platform that simplifies international hiring and payroll processes for businesses with remote or global teams.

25. Airtable

A cloud-based collaboration platform that combines elements of a spreadsheet and a database, allowing users to organize and manage data in a flexible way.

26. Rippling

A software platform that streamlines employee onboarding, HR, payroll, and IT systems management for businesses.

27. Bolt

A ride-hailing and transportation network company operating in various countries, providing an alternative to traditional taxi services.

28. The Boring Company

An infrastructure and tunnel construction company founded by Elon Musk with the aim of reducing traffic congestion through underground transportation systems.

29. Notion

A collaborative workspace tool that integrates notes, documents, and databases, serving as an all-in-one workspace for teams and individuals.

30. Alchemy

A blockchain developer platform that provides tools and infrastructure for building decentralized applications (dApps) on various blockchain networks.

31. Digital Currency Group

A venture capital firm and holding company focused on the digital currency and blockchain industry.

32. Ripple

A technology company that develops solutions for cross-border payments and remittances, utilizing blockchain and digital assets.

33. Reddit

A social news aggregation and discussion platform where registered members can submit content and participate in various communities known as "subreddits."

34. Talkdesk

A cloud-based call center and customer experience software provider, offering solutions for managing customer interactions and support.

35. Thrasio

A company that acquires and operates successful third-party sellers on Amazon, specializing in building and scaling Amazon-based consumer brands.

36. Gusto

A platform that provides human resources, payroll, and benefits solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

37. ServiceTitan

A software platform designed for managing and optimizing field service operations, serving industries such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

38. Klaviyo

An email marketing and e-commerce automation platform that helps businesses engage with their customers and drive sales.

39. Navan

Navan is a company that offers comprehensive travel, expense, and corporate card management solutions.

40. Niantic

A mobile game developer known for creating augmented reality (AR) games like Pokémon GO and Ingress, encouraging players to explore the real world while playing.

41. Tanium

A cybersecurity and endpoint management platform that provides organizations with real-time visibility and control over their digital assets.

42. Chainalysis

A blockchain analysis company that specializes in investigating and preventing cryptocurrency-related crime and illicit activities.

43. Nuro

A robotics company that develops autonomous delivery vehicles for last-mile logistics and local goods transportation.


An autonomous driving technology company that focuses on developing self-driving systems for passenger vehicles and ride-hailing services.

45. Anduril Industries

A defense technology company that designs and builds AI-powered autonomous systems and surveillance technologies for military applications.

46. Tipalti

A global payables automation platform that helps businesses manage and streamline their supplier payment processes.

47. Lacework

A cloud security platform that provides automated threat detection and response for cloud-based applications and infrastructure.

48. Ramp

A corporate card and spend management platform that helps businesses control expenses and monitor financial transactions.

49. Tempus

A technology company that uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve cancer care and treatment options.

50. FalconX

A leading Unicorn company in the USA revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading and investment strategies.

51. Flexport

Transforming the logistics industry with innovative technology solutions and seamless global freight forwarding.

52. Fireblocks

Securing digital assets and enabling secure blockchain transactions for financial institutions and businesses.

53. Caris Life Sciences

Pioneering precision medicine through advanced molecular profiling and personalized cancer treatments.

54. Circle

A prominent fintech Unicorn offering stablecoins and blockchain-based financial products for a connected global economy.

55. Netskope

Providing cloud security solutions to protect businesses and organizations from data breaches and cyber threats.

56. Snyk

Empowering developers with powerful security tools to find and fix vulnerabilities in their open-source code.

57. Carta

Simplifying equity management and ownership tracking for private companies, investors, and employees.

58. Scale AI

Revolutionizing artificial intelligence development by providing high-quality training data for machine learning models.

59. Gong

Transforming sales processes with AI-driven insights to enhance customer interactions and sales performance.


A trailblazing Unicorn in the cryptocurrency and digital asset management space.

61. ConsenSys

Driving innovation in the blockchain ecosystem with decentralized applications and solutions.

62. Ro

Disrupting the healthcare industry by offering telemedicine services and personalized treatment plans.

63. Impossible Foods

Redefining the future of food with plant-based meat alternatives that are sustainable and delicious.

64. Attentive

A leading mobile marketing platform that helps businesses engage with their customers through personalized messaging.

65. Automation Anywhere

A pioneering Unicorn in robotic process automation, streamlining workflows for enterprises worldwide.

66. Upgrade

Providing innovative consumer credit and personal loan solutions with a seamless digital experience.

67. DataRobot

Empowering organizations with automated machine learning to derive valuable insights from their data.

68. Hinge Health

Revolutionizing digital healthcare with musculoskeletal care and pain management programs.

68. Benchling

Accelerating scientific discovery with a cloud-based platform for life science researchers.


Simplifying the mortgage process with a digital platform for home loans and refinancing.

70. iCapital Network

Democratizing access to alternative investments for a broader range of investors.

71. OneStream Software

A prominent Unicorn offering corporate performance management solutions for businesses.

72. Lyra Health

Innovating mental health care with personalized treatment options and support.

73. Vice Media

A renowned digital media company known for its edgy and immersive content.

74. Cityblock Health

Transforming healthcare for underserved populations through community-based care models.

75. Workato

A leading integration platform that automates workflows and connects applications and data.

76. Postman

Streamlining API development and testing with an easy-to-use collaboration platform.

77. Fivetran

Simplifying data integration for businesses to enable smarter decision-making.

78. OneTrust

Empowering organizations to manage privacy, security, and governance through a comprehensive platform.

79. Ava Labs

A groundbreaking Unicorn in the blockchain space, providing an open, decentralized platform.

80. 6sense

A leader in account-based marketing, helping businesses identify and engage potential customers.

81. SambaNova Systems

Pushing the boundaries of AI with advanced hardware and software solutions.

82. Coalition

Reinventing cyber insurance with proactive risk management and cybersecurity tools.

83. Icertis

A pioneering contract management platform enabling businesses to manage contracts efficiently.

84. Neuralink

A revolutionary Unicorn exploring brain-computer interfaces to enhance human capabilities.

85. Cockroach Labs

Transforming database management with a resilient and scalable cloud-native SQL database.

86. Reify Health

Advancing clinical research with technology solutions that connect stakeholders and streamline processes.

87. Cerebral

A telehealth startup focusing on providing accessible mental health care and medication management.

88. Binance.US

A major player in the cryptocurrency exchange space, providing a platform for trading digital assets.

89. BetterUp

A Unicorn company offering professional coaching and development for employees and organizations.

90. Checkr

Disrupting the background screening industry with a modern and streamlined platform.

91. Color

A healthcare Unicorn company focused on providing genetic testing and precision healthcare solutions.

92. Socure

A leading provider of digital identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for businesses.

93. Sierra Space

An innovative Unicorn in the space industry, specializing in space transportation and exploration.

94. Guild

Revolutionizing education and upskilling by providing a platform for employer-sponsored online learning.

95. Outreach

A sales engagement platform empowering sales teams to drive revenue and personalized customer interactions.

96. Arctic Wolf

A cybersecurity Unicorn offering managed detection and response services to protect organizations from cyber threats.

97. OutSystems

A low-code development platform that enables businesses to build and deploy applications rapidly.

98. Zipline

Transforming healthcare delivery with drone technology, providing on-demand medical supply deliveries in remote areas.

99. G-P/Globalization Partners

A global expansion platform simplifying international business operations and workforce management.

100. ThoughtSpot

A data analytics Unicorn providing search and AI-driven insights for data-driven decision-making.

101. dbt Labs

Advancing the field of data engineering with a modern data transformation platform.

102. Relativity Space

A space technology company utilizing 3D printing to revolutionize rocket manufacturing.

103. Dataminr

Leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver real-time event detection and alerts for businesses and governments.

104. Weee!

An e-commerce Unicorn offering an online grocery platform focusing on Asian products and rapid delivery.

105. AngelList Talent

A platform connecting startups with top tech talent and facilitating job placement.

106. Kraken

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a secure platform for buying and selling digital assets.


An AI-powered platform connecting remote software developers with global job opportunities.

108. Aptos

Providing comprehensive retail management solutions to enhance customer experiences and optimize operations.

109. Anthropic

A technology company focusing on human-centered AI and machine learning applications.

110. Cerebras Systems

A Unicorn company specializing in developing large-scale AI processors for deep learning applications.

111. Inflection AI

Using AI and natural language processing to enhance customer service and support interactions.

112. Branch

A mobile-first technology company providing innovative solutions for employee scheduling and workforce management.

113. Yuga Labs

Creator of popular digital collectibles and NFTs, including the CryptoPunks collection.

114. Houzz

A leading platform for home remodeling and design, connecting homeowners with professionals and products.

115. Vuori

A performance apparel brand offering stylish and sustainable activewear for fitness enthusiasts.

116. Next Insurance

A digital insurance provider catering to small businesses and offering tailored coverage options.

117. Webflow

An easy-to-use website design and development platform empowering businesses and individuals to create web experiences.

118. Clubhouse

A project management platform enabling teams to plan, build, and launch software projects collaboratively.

119. ClickUp

A productivity platform providing customizable task management and collaboration features for teams.

120. Patreon

An online membership platform allowing creators to earn recurring revenue and connect with their fans.

121. Olive

An AI-powered automation platform designed to streamline healthcare administrative tasks and improve efficiency.

122. Aurora Solar

A technology company offering software solutions for solar industry professionals to design and sell solar installations.

123. Melio

A Unicorn company simplifying business payments with a digital platform for bill payments and vendor management.

124. Rubrik

A cloud data management company providing data protection and backup solutions for enterprises.

125. Abnormal Security

Utilizing AI to protect organizations from email-based security threats and phishing attacks.

126. Zapier

An integration platform automating workflows by connecting apps and services.

127. Skydance Media

A prominent entertainment company producing films, TV shows, and interactive content.

128. Radiology Partners

A leading radiology practice and technology company focused on transforming diagnostic imaging services.

129. InsightSoftware

A software company specializing in financial reporting and business intelligence solutions.

130. Farmers Business Network

An agritech Unicorn empowering farmers with data-driven insights and collective purchasing power.

131. StockX

A leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling authentic sneakers, streetwear, and collectibles.

132. Convoy

A digital freight network optimizing trucking logistics and connecting shippers with carriers.

133. Redwood Materials

A sustainable technology company focused on recycling and processing batteries and electronic waste.

134. Dutchie

An e-commerce platform streamlining the online ordering and delivery process for dispensaries.

135. Articulate

A leading e-learning software company offering tools for creating and delivering interactive courses.

136. Dataiku

A Unicorn company providing an AI and machine learning platform for data-driven organizations.

137. Harness

An innovative DevOps platform automating the software delivery process and facilitating continuous deployment.

138. Cohesity

A data management and backup solutions Unicorn simplifying data infrastructure and management for enterprises.

139. VAST Data

A cutting-edge storage technology company revolutionizing data storage and management for large-scale applications.

140. Papaya Global

An HR and payroll management platform streamlining global workforce management for businesses.

141. Intarcia Therapeutics

A biopharmaceutical Unicorn focused on developing innovative therapies for chronic diseases.

142. Noom

A health and wellness platform providing personalized coaching and behavior change programs for healthier lifestyles.

143. Whatnot

An e-commerce platform specializing in collectibles, toys, and limited edition items.

144. Goat Group

A leading online marketplace for buying and selling authenticated sneakers and streetwear.

145. Course Hero

An educational platform offering study resources and tutoring services for students.

145. Relativity

A company at the forefront of aerospace technology, developing rockets and spacecraft for space exploration.

146. Applied Intuition

An autonomous vehicle simulation and testing platform supporting the development of self-driving technology.

147. WHOOP

A fitness and health wearables company providing personalized insights for optimized performance.

148. SpotOn

A comprehensive payment processing and business management platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

149. Aptean

A software company offering industry-specific solutions to improve business operations and customer experience.

150. Wonder

A research and consulting platform connecting businesses with expert researchers for data-driven insights.

151. Handshake

A B2B e-commerce platform connecting wholesale distributors and retailers to streamline ordering and purchasing.

152. Rec Room

A virtual reality social platform enabling users to create and share experiences in a shared virtual world.

153. Flock Safety

A smart security system company utilizing AI and cameras to enhance community safety.

154. Indigo

A technology company leveraging AI and data to improve the sustainability and efficiency of agriculture.

155. Commure

A healthcare technology company focused on developing tools for seamless and secure health data exchange.

156. Chargebee

A subscription management and recurring billing platform for businesses.

157. Tekion

A cloud-based platform revolutionizing automotive retail and service experiences.

158. Highspot

A sales enablement platform empowering sales teams with content, guidance, and analytics.

159. Aledade

A healthcare company working to transform primary care practices and improve patient outcomes.

160. Via

A ride-sharing company offering on-demand transportation solutions and shared rides.

161. MoonPay

A cryptocurrency payment infrastructure company simplifying cryptocurrency purchases and transactions.

162. Armis Security

A cybersecurity company providing solutions to protect IoT devices and connected enterprise environments.

162. Starburst

A data analytics platform facilitating fast and efficient access to data across organizations.

163. OwnBackup

A cloud data protection platform providing backup and recovery solutions for SaaS applications.

164. Uber Freight

A logistics platform connecting shippers and carriers for efficient freight transportation.

165. Carbon Health

A healthcare technology company offering digital health services and medical care.

166. Sila Nanotechnologies

A materials technology company focusing on next-generation battery materials.

167. Blockdaemon

A blockchain infrastructure platform simplifying the deployment and management of blockchain networks.

168. Verkada

A leading provider of cloud-based security cameras and video analytics solutions.

169. Figure

A fintech company leveraging blockchain for loan origination and home equity solutions.

170. Skims

A fashion and shapewear brand offering inclusive and body-positive apparel.

171. Innovaccer

A healthcare technology company providing data analytics and care coordination solutions.

172. Thumbtack

A local services marketplace connecting customers with skilled professionals for various projects.

173. Cedar

A healthcare financial technology company streamlining the billing and payment process for patients and providers.

174. Ironclad

A contract lifecycle management platform automating and streamlining the contract process for businesses.

175. Retool

A low-code platform enabling developers to build internal tools and applications quickly.

176. Astera Labs

A technology company specializing in connectivity solutions for high-performance computing.

177. PsiQuantum

A quantum computing company working on developing a scalable and fault-tolerant quantum computer.

178. HighRadius

A fintech company offering cloud-based order-to-cash and treasury management solutions.

179. Sentry

An application monitoring and error tracking platform helping developers identify and resolve issues.

180. Group14 Technologies

A battery material technology company developing high-performance silicon-carbon composite materials for energy storage.

181. iCIMS

A leading talent acquisition and recruiting software company helping businesses find and hire the right candidates.

182. iFIT

A fitness technology company providing interactive fitness equipment and personalized training experiences.

183. Grafana Labs

A company specializing in open-source monitoring and observability solutions for IT operations.

184. Flutterwave

A fintech Unicorn offering payment solutions and infrastructure for businesses.

185. Tinder

A popular dating app connecting people with potential matches based on mutual interests and location.

186. Cross River

A financial services company providing banking and payment solutions for fintech businesses.

187. Anchorage Digital

A cryptocurrency and digital asset platform offering secure storage for institutional investors.

188. LaunchDarkly

A feature management platform enabling software development teams to release features with reduced risk.

189. Automattic

The company behind and other web publishing tools, empowering content creators worldwide.

190. Calendly

An online scheduling platform that simplifies appointment and meeting booking for individuals and teams.

191. Podium

A customer messaging and feedback platform helping businesses enhance customer interactions and reviews.

192. Lucid Software

The company behind Lucidchart and Lucidpress, offers collaborative diagramming and design tools.

193. Helion Energy

A nuclear fusion technology company working on clean, safe, and abundant energy generation.

194. Inxeption

An e-commerce platform enabling manufacturers to sell and distribute products directly to customers.

195. Age of Learning

A company providing educational programs and games for children through ABCmouse and other platforms.

196. Seismic

A sales enablement platform empowering sales teams with personalized content and insights.

197. ActiveCampaign

A marketing automation platform helping businesses optimize customer experiences and engagement.

198. Forter

A fraud prevention and e-commerce security company using AI to protect merchants and consumers.

199. Outschool

An online education platform offering live, interactive classes for K-12 students.

200. Lattice

A performance management platform supporting businesses in managing and developing their employees.

201. Workrise

A workforce management platform connecting skilled labor with job opportunities in the energy industry.

202. Motive

A technology company specializing in developing digital-first property and casualty insurance products.

203. DriveWealth

A fintech company enabling global access to US stock markets and fractional share investing.

204. Transmit Security

A cybersecurity company providing identity and access management solutions for enterprises.

205. MasterClass

An online education platform offering classes taught by renowned experts in various fields.

206. Illumio

A cybersecurity company offering adaptive security solutions to protect data and applications.

207. o9 Solutions

A company providing AI-driven planning and decision-making solutions for businesses.

208. Ethos

A digital life insurance platform simplifying the process of obtaining life insurance coverage.

209. Nextiva

A cloud-based communications and customer engagement platform for businesses.

210. project44

A supply chain visibility platform providing real-time tracking and analytics for logistics operations.

211. Sourcegraph

A code search and collaboration platform helping developers navigate and understand codebases.

212. JumpCloud

A cloud directory platform enabling secure management of users, devices, and applications.

213. Axonius

A cybersecurity asset management platform helping organizations manage and secure their devices and tools.

214. Clari

An AI-driven revenue operations platform empowering sales teams to drive better outcomes.

215. Plume Design

A smart home services company offering adaptive WiFi and AI-driven optimization.

216. Pendo

A product analytics and user feedback platform helping businesses improve their digital products.

217. Side

A real estate technology company supporting independent real estate agents and brokerages.

218. Somatus

A healthcare company focusing on kidney care and innovative patient-centered solutions.

219. SiFive

A leading provider of customizable and open-source RISC-V processor solutions.

220. Uniphore

An AI-powered conversational analytics and automation platform for customer service.

221. Aura

A fintech company offering affordable credit-building solutions for underserved consumers.

222. Sysdig

A cloud-native security and monitoring platform for containerized environments.

223. Fetch

A technology company using AI to optimize and automate supply chain logistics.

224. A24

An independent film and television production company known for producing critically acclaimed content.

225. Varo Money

A fintech bank providing mobile banking solutions and financial services.

226. Syniverse

A global communications technology company connecting businesses and customers worldwide.

227. VistaJet

A luxury private jet travel company providing personalized aviation solutions for travelers.

228. Vercel

A cloud platform for frontend developers, enabling seamless deployment and collaboration.

229. Jetti Resources

A resource management and procurement platform for businesses.

230. Cribl

A company specializing in data observability and management solutions for IT operations.

231. Spring Health

A mental health platform offering personalized care and support for employees and organizations.

232. Mavenir

A leading provider of mobile network solutions and services.

233. Electrify America

A company building a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations.

234. CoreWeave

A cloud infrastructure and blockchain technology company.

235. Carbon

A technology company offering 3D printing solutions and advanced materials.

236. HoneyBook

An all-in-one business management platform for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers.

237. Paxos

A fintech company offering blockchain-based financial services and stablecoins.

238. BitSight

A cybersecurity ratings and risk assessment platform for businesses.

239. ABL Space Systems

A company providing cost-effective launch services for small satellites.

240. Exabeam

A cybersecurity company specializing in user behavior analytics and security intelligence.

241. Trumid

A financial technology company offering an electronic trading platform for corporate bonds.

242. Beta Technologies

A company developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

243. ROKT

An e-commerce technology company specializing in personalized marketing and transactional experiences.

244. Greenlight

A financial technology platform for kids and families, offering financial education and management tools.

245. Bowery Farming

A vertical farming company using technology to grow fresh produce in urban environments.

246. Uptake Technologies

A predictive analytics and industrial IoT platform for asset-intensive industries.

247. Shield AI

An artificial intelligence company developing autonomous systems for defense and security applications.

248. Algolia

A search-as-a-service platform enabling fast and relevant search experiences for websites and applications.

249. 1inch Limited

A decentralized exchange aggregator and DeFi platform.

250. Pattern

An e-commerce growth and fulfillment platform for brands.

251. Skydio

A leading drone technology company specializing in autonomous flight and navigation.

252. Newfront

An insurance brokerage platform providing innovative risk management solutions.

253. Current

A fintech company offering banking and financial services for teens and young adults.

254. Gympass

A corporate wellness platform offering gym access and fitness classes for employees.

255. Modern Treasury

A company providing payment operations and reconciliation solutions for businesses.

256. Bloomreach

An AI-driven digital experience platform for e-commerce businesses.

257. Dialpad

A cloud-based communications platform for business calling and collaboration.

258. Addepar

A wealth management platform offering data aggregation and analytics for financial advisors.

259. Axiom Space

A company specializing in commercial space missions and space tourism.

260. Docker

A leading containerization platform enabling developers to build, ship, and run applications.

261. Jeeves

A global corporate card provider for startups and businesses.

262. Moveworks

An AI-powered enterprise service platform for IT support automation.

263. Recharge

A subscription management platform for businesses offering subscription services.

264. Medable

A decentralized clinical trial platform for digital health research.

265. Eightfold AI

An AI-powered talent intelligence platform for hiring and talent management.

266. ShiftKey

A technology company providing AI-driven workforce optimization solutions.

267. Mysten Labs

A blockchain and distributed ledger technology company.

268. Instabase

A platform for automating and streamlining business processes through AI and data processing.

269. Clear Street

A fintech company offering trading and prime brokerage services for institutional investors.

270. GrubMarket

A technology-driven marketplace for sourcing and delivering fresh, local food.

271. Drata

A security and compliance automation platform for businesses.

272. Locus Robotics

A company providing warehouse automation and robotics solutions.

273. Moloco

A mobile advertising platform using machine learning for personalized ad targeting.

274. Pipe

A fintech company offering a revenue-based financing platform for SaaS businesses.

275. Mural

A digital collaboration and visual workspace platform for remote teams.

276. Lessen

A property technology company offering flexible living and co-living solutions.

277. CertiK

A blockchain cybersecurity company providing auditing and security solutions.

278. Pantheon

A webOps platform for building, launching, and managing websites.

279. Hive

A project management and collaboration platform for teams.

280. Redis

An open-source, in-memory data structure store, and database.

281. Iterable

A customer engagement platform helping businesses create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

282. Sword Health

A digital physical therapy and musculoskeletal care platform.

283. Everlaw

A legal tech company providing cloud-based eDiscovery and litigation solutions.

284. Unqork

A no-code application development platform empowering businesses to build custom software without coding.

285. Druva

A cloud data protection and management platform for businesses.

286. Aviatrix

A cloud network architecture and security company simplifying multi-cloud deployments.

287. Devo

A data analytics and security platform providing real-time insights for IT operations.

288. Kajabi

An all-in-one platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses and digital products.

289. Cloudinary

A cloud-based image and video management platform for web and mobile applications.

290. Verbit

An AI-driven transcription and captioning platform for video and audio content.

291. Salsify

A product experience management platform helping brands manage and distribute product content.

292. Netlify

A platform providing serverless web hosting and continuous deployment for developers.

293. Misfits Market

A subscription service delivering imperfect and surplus produce directly to consumers.

294. Claroty

A cybersecurity company specializing in industrial control systems protection.

295. Apeel Sciences

A company developing plant-based coatings to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

296. Xpansiv

A marketplace for trading environmental commodities and data.

297. Formlabs

A leading manufacturer of 3D printers and materials for professional use.

298. Pivot Bio

A biotechnology company developing sustainable microbial solutions for crop nutrition.

299. Black Sesame Technologies

A computer vision and AI chip technology company.

300. Hugging Face

A natural language processing platform offering pre-trained models and AI tools.

Most Asked Questions

1. How many unicorn companies does the USA have?

The USA is currently leading in unicorn companies all over the world, boasting an impressive count of 737 companies that have surpassed the billion-dollar milestone. These companies span a wide range of industries, from healthcare to technology to retail.

2. What are the most valuable unicorns in the USA?

SpaceX, Stripe, Instacart, JUUL, Databricks, Epic Games.

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