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Top Venture Capital Firms in India (2024)

Venture capital firms in India serve as the backbone for high-risk, high-reward projects, fueling the ambitions of the subcontinent's burgeoning startup ecosystem.

Despite a noticeable decline in venture capital activity in 2023, with a 38.6% drop in deal count and a 67.1% fall in funding value year-on-year, India proudly stands among the global top five for VC firm activity, underscoring its resilience and potential as an investment nexus.

As we are in 2024, optimism is taking root with burgeoning opportunities for business efficiency and an alignment with consumer aspirations. This guide positions itself as an invaluable roadmap to understanding the top venture capital firms in India, showcasing how they empower over 50,000 active startups, including unicorns and soonicorns, to not just succeed domestically but also make their mark globally.

Top Venture Capital Firms in India

Peak XV Partners (Formerly Sequoia Capital India & SEA)

Building upon its impressive legacy, Sequoia Capital India, now operating as Peak XV Partners, has established itself as a cornerstone among venture capital firms in India.

With a commanding management of $9.2 billion across 13 funds, the firm reflects the strength and adaptability that top VC firms in India are known for.

A melting pot of talent and cultures, Peak XV boasts a diverse team working out of offices across India and Southeast Asia, showcasing a global perspective that is vital for today’s interconnected market.

The firm’s success is evident in the sheer number of its investments—over 400 to date—including partnerships with more than 50 unicorns and having witnessed 20 of their portfolio companies graduate to public listings.

This track record places them at the pinnacle of venture capital firms, exemplifying what it means to be among the top venture capital firms in India.

Peak XV Partners extend beyond financial backing, offering a suite of programs tailored for founders, such as Surge for early-stage startups, Spark for growth-stage ventures, and The Guild, Pathfinders, PitStop, and Build for various development phases.

Investment diversity and a keen eye for market shapers have guided Peak XV Partners in curating a portfolio that includes heavyweights like Zomato, Ola, and Freshworks.

This venture capitalist in India encourages a focus on profitability, a trend accentuated by the current economic climate. As the market navigates through the 'funding winter,' their portfolio companies are realigning their paths toward profitability, emphasizing operational efficiencies, and revisiting their total addressable market (TAM) to maintain steady growth.

The firm's guidance on navigating market downturns—shifting towards strategies that stress PAT and cash flows—underscores their role in sculpting resilient business models that are prepared for uncertain times, which is a testament to their stature as one of the top VC firms in India.


Since its inception, Accel has carved out a notable reputation for its early-stage investment prowess, catalyzing the growth trajectories of over 120 Indian startups since 2005.

Accel didn’t just bet on startups; it propelled them toward success. Perhaps the most illustrative example of this is the firm's early recognition of Flipkart’s potential, marked by an $800,000 seed investment in 2008, a move that set the tone for the e-commerce boom in India.

This top VC firm's strategy is reflected in its impressive India portfolio, now valued at over $100 billion, marking their steadfast commitment to the region which has surpassed the significant $2-billion mark with the latest fund.

Accel's investment range is as strategic as it is impactful, typically extending between $1 million to $10 million for seed, series A, and series B rounds.

Their approach confidently supports companies at the ideation stage and accompanies them to their IPO, a reflection of Accel's dedication as a venture capitalist in India.

Their knack for deriving value and potential from specific sectors has given them a solid footing in the venture capital in India, especially in the burgeoning SaaS segment.

Accel's success stories are not shy of the spotlight, with Freshworks and Chargebee standing tall as testaments to their discerning investment choices.

Accel's contribution to India's SaaS successes can be summarized with these gallant facts:

  • Freshworks, which received Accel’s backing, achieved a valuation close to $3 billion when it was listed on the Nasdaq in 2021.

  • Out of the many investments in India and Southeast Asia, Accel became the first institutional investor in over 85% of the companies, with a resounding 95% of their funds positioned in seed or series A rounds.

The collective success of their portfolio companies such as Swiggy, Urban Company, BrowserStack, Infra.Market, and Zenoti give Accel an esteemed spot among the top VC firms in India.

With their global fund of $4 billion at their disposal, Accel remains well-positioned to continue backing companies in their portfolio while seeking out new ventures that resonate with their investment thesis, ensuring that Accel remains a beacon of venture capitalism in India.

Blume Ventures

Founded with the intent to bridge the early-stage funding gap for Indian startups, Blume has actively championed the cause of homegrown innovation. Serving as a staunch supporter of transformational companies and groundbreaking founders, Blume Ventures has been a beacon for early-stage startups that harness disruptive technology to propel their vision forward.

The firm stands out among venture capital firms in India with its diverse portfolio covering sectors such as AgriTech, B2B Commerce & Marketplaces, ClimateTech, and a plethora of other cutting-edge industries.

From empowering Agritech startups like Stellapps to backing consumer-centric platforms such as Cashify and Spinny, Blume has played a pivotal role in ushering these companies onto the world stage.

Furthermore, its Discovery Program symbolizes the firm's commitment to the long-term growth of startups by extending its networking platform, assisting in sectors as varied as they are vital to economic progress.

Their strategic exits, including Mettl’s acquisition and E2E Networks’ IPO, demonstrate the shrewd navigation through the investment lifecycle which beckons the attention of budding entrepreneurs and investors alike.

These accomplishments further validate Blume Ventures' position as a cornerstone among VC firms in India, steadfastly supporting an array of startups that are not just transforming industries within the country but also redefining global markets.

Matrix Partners India

Established with an unwavering focus on galvanizing early-stage startups, Matrix Partners India manifests a particular fervor for technology-enabled businesses, weaving a tapestry of innovation and practical service solutions that resonate deeply with the Indian milieu.

Their investment portfolio paints a versatile spectrum across pivotal sectors, embracing:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) services

  • Banking technology (Banktech)

  • Consumer-centric models

  • Mobility and Travel enhancements

  • HealthTech revolutions

  • E-commerce and Marketplaces

  • D2C (Direct-to-Consumer)

  • B2B Commerce in Agriculture

  • Financial Technology (Fintech)

  • Educational Tech (EdTech)

  • Media, Social networks, and Gaming platforms

  • Enterprise SaaS products

They carve their niche with palpable successes in investments such as Ola, which revolutionized transportation within India, Quikr—an innovative online classifieds marketplace—and Practo, a digital gateway to healthcare services.

They extend their domain to financial services through their stake in Five Star Business Finance and embrace digital payment solutions with Razorpay.

These distinguished choices highlight their investment strategy ranging markedly from $1 million to up to $50 million, guided by an understanding of a company’s stage and specific business requisites.

Matrix Partners India fortifies their portfolio with relentless dedication and mentorship through a team of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, poised to accompany their partners through trials and triumphs of scaling new heights.

Since their inception in 2006, Matrix Partners has pledged fealty to India's entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a formidable legacy among venture capital firms in India.

Kalaari Capital

Based in the technological heartland of Bengaluru, Kalaari Capital has carved out a formidable niche, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to early-stage, technology-centric ventures.

Their focus shines brightly on transformative sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software as a Service (SaaS), and digital commerce, paving the way for startups that are poised to redefine technology's role in modern business.

Kalaari's investment strategy is an embodiment of precision and foresight, with their capital injections generally falling between the impressive range of $1 million and $15 million.

Their approach has fostered a blossoming relationship with standout investments such as ElasticRun, Eloelo, and Zluri — each a testament to the firm's ability to spot and shape future market leaders.

Beyond financial infusion, Kalaari Capital goes the extra mile by initiating programs such as CXXO for the upliftment of women entrepreneurs, and HindustanHamara, which highlights the transformative wave sweeping through India's startup landscape.

Chiratae Ventures

Emerging from the narrative of established frontrunners, Chiratae Ventures—formerly known as IDG Ventures India—solidifies its place among the eminent venture capital firms in India.

Their investment philosophy is underpinned by several innovative programs designed to catalyze growth and facilitate dynamic market entry for startups. These initiatives include:

With their funds being ESG compliant, Chiratae Ventures has maintained a steadfast focus on ethical and sustainable business practices.

Since their inception in 2006, their keen eye for innovation has led to investments in over 100 deals, showcasing their commitment as a leading venture capital firm in India.


Venture capital firms in India are often shrouded in mystique, leaving many budding entrepreneurs and investors with a host of questions about their operations and methodologies. To demystify this crucial element of the startup ecosystem, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about venture capital in India.

What is venture capital?

Venture capital is the lifeline for many startups and small businesses in India, serving as a financial bedrock for companies with explosive growth potential. Broadly, it represents funds that are invested in these businesses expecting significant returns. The financing can come in various forms, including monetary investments, technological support, or managerial expertise, often involving a partnership lasting upward of five years. This is a firm foundation upon which many Indian businesses have been built, leading to a vibrant and innovative market landscape.

How do venture capital firms operate?

Venture capital firms perform extensive due diligence, assessing potential investment opportunities against rigorous criteria such as the viability of the product, the caliber of the management team, and the size of the market opportunity. Once they commit to an investment, these firms often play an active role in guiding the company, sometimes assuming a position on the board, and steering the business toward success and scalability.

How are venture capital firms compensated?

In general, venture capital firms in India earn through a combination of management fees, usually a percentage of funds under their administration, and carried interest from the profits of their investments. This model ensures that these firms are incentivized to work towards the growth and success of the companies they invest in, aligning their interests with those of their investors and their portfolio companies.

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