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10 Emerging Trends in Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem (2024)

If you have an aspiration to set up a startup and are in search of the perfect location for your startup, then Hong Kong is the place you are looking for. Hong Kong is counted among the top locations to start a business as it offers a multitude of benefits to startups established there. Being a global business hub makes Hong Kong a favorable place to start a startup. Hong Kong has state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class connectivity, strategic location, and simple tax laws.

Moreover, the easy business registration process, robust banking system, positive business environment, government policies, and strong legal framework support Hong Kong in retaining its position as the global business hub. 

Hong Kong has a vibrant market which allows various kinds of businesses to flourish there and thrive globally. The past few years have been a massive success for startups in Hong Kong due to which some businesses are getting trendy. Hong Kong has been extremely successful in following the latest trends making it a startup hotspot internationally.

Emerging Trends in Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem

List of Emerging Trends in Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem

Following is a list of the top trending startup ideas in Hong Kong. All the emerging trends in Hong Kong's startup ecosystem are discussed below in detail.

1. FinTech

Hong Kong has one of the most advanced technologies in the world which are used in all fields in Hong Kong. The financial industry is also no exception and has been modified technologically. FinTech startups are one of the fastest-growing startups in Hong Kong.  They have been exceptionally well in changing the financial industry of Hong Kong and have contributed towards boosting the economy of Hong Kong. There is a great demand for fintech startups in Hong Kong because they ease the financial work and offer convenience to customers. People can keep track of their accounts, manage their bills, and make financial records easily through the services of fintech startups. All these benefits have resulted in the boom that the fintech startups are experiencing. 

Hong Kong has one of the highest consumer FinTech adoption rates globally at 67%, with a strong focus on B2B markets as well. Source: FintechHK

2. Fashion

Fashion has always been an integral part of Hong Kong’s culture and this has not changed even now. The fashion industry in Hong Kong is very creative and adaptive. Hong Kong is home to some of the most skilled fashion designers and workers in the world. They are quick to adapt to global trends and prepare clothes that match the trends. The creativity they put into the clothes they prepare makes them stand out in the international market. Moreover, the fashion industry in Hong Kong has blended traditional and modern styles giving uniqueness to the clothes. 

3. Venture Capital

As Hong Kong is a global business hub, entrepreneurs and brands from all over the world want to establish a business in Hong Kong. To establish a business anywhere, you need money, which can be challenging in a new market. To solve this problem, several venture capitalist firms operate in Hong Kong and offer the funds needed to start a startup. Venture capitalists can be termed as big investors who invest a large amount of money in startups that have the potential to be successful in the future. The strong economy and robust legal framework are the reasons why venture capitalists are interested in operating in Hong Kong. 

4. Food

The food industry is an industry that is never going to perish as the demand for food is everlasting. The food industry in Hong Kong has experienced a rapid surge in the past few years due to many new businesses coming to Hong Kong. As entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world visit Hong Kong, they crave food that is familiar to them, or that is from their native country. This has given rise to many new restaurants that provide a variety of and help international visitors enjoy their native food. These restaurants are also using special themes to grab the attention of the customers and increase their sales. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

Digitalization has taken over all fields which has given rise to the artificial intelligence industry in Hong Kong. The artificial intelligence industry is growing at a highly rapid pace in Hong Kong. Due to this rapid growth, many startups that deal with artificial intelligence have been established in Hong Kong. The reason for the rapid growth of artificial intelligence in Hong Kong is its increased use in all industries. Artificial intelligence is being used in all kinds of industries such as medicine, industrialization, finance, restaurants, and many more. 

The Generative AI market in Hong Kong is projected to grow by 22.55% from 2024 to 2030, reaching a market volume of US$1782.00 million in 2030. Source: Statista

6. Tourism

Hong Kong government has invested a huge amount of money in the beautification of Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong have been extremely helpful in making Hong Kong a place that grabs the attention in the first instance only. All these efforts have been made to attract tourists from all parts of the world so that the economy gets a boost. This has resulted in the establishment of various tourism-based startups that help tourists enjoy Hong Kong without worrying. The tourism-based startups that have been set up in Hong Kong include tour guide startups, international-themed restaurants, and many other startups. 

7. Robotics

The robotic industry is deepening its roots rapidly in Hong Kong. There has been a massive jump in the use of robots in the industries. Robotics startups are among the top emerging startups in Hong Kong. Industries, ranging from medicine to manufacturing, are using robots to finish their work smoothly. Robots make the work easier and faster, saving a huge amount of time and money for the company. Due to this, several robotic-based startups have started functioning in Hong Kong and are working towards preparing cost-effective and daily-use robots. 

8. E-commerce

The pandemic is one of the major reasons for the growth of the e-commerce industry in Hong Kong. The use of online shopping and online trade had increased during that time. It has been such a success due to the convenience it offers to the customers. People can buy and sell products without visiting a physical store. They can get products delivered to their doorsteps, making it simple and convenient for everyone. Numerous e-commerce startups have been established in Hong Kong and are continuing to grow. This makes e-commerce startups trending in Hong Kong’s startup scene. 

9. Clean Energy

With rising concerns for pollution and the environment, Hong Kong has started investing in clean energy. Hong Kong has commenced replacing harmful products with clean alternatives to protect the environment of Hong Kong from getting polluted. Moreover, some of these alternatives are also cheap in comparison to the original products. Many startups have been established that prepare products that can produce clean energy and save the Hong Kong environment. They are preparing solar panels, electric windows, and carbon-free products to save the environment. All these products can produce clean energy, making it an emerging trend in Hong Kong. 

10. HealthTech

Hong Kong has high healthcare costs, making it challenging for the poor to afford healthcare services. To solve this problem, many new startups have started their operation in Hong Kong to offer healthcare services, medicines, equipment, and other materials at a cost that can be afforded by all sections of society. Moreover, the healthcare industry is also getting modified with the use of technology and is offering personalized healthcare services. The health tech industry in Hong Kong is advancing at a high pace and is thriving extensively in Hong Kong. 


Hong Kong is the most ideal place to establish a startup. The wide range of benefits it offers makes it the most ideal place for starting a business. In the above article, the emerging trends in Hong Kong’s startup scene are discussed in detail. The top emerging trends in Hong Kong’s startup scene include fintech, fashion, venture capital, food, artificial intelligence, tourism, robotics, e-commerce, clean energy, and health tech. You can choose any one of the above-given startup ideas and start thriving in Hong Kong.

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