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12 Top Startups in Israel (2024)

Are you looking to find out what the top startups in Israel are?

If so, then this article is for you! Israel has been quickly becoming known as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, with a growing number of creative minds far ahead of their competition.

From technology-based companies to medical breakthroughs to gaming design, there’s no shortage of trendsetting ideas coming from startups across the country.

Israel's startup ecosystem is ranked 3rd in the world.- Source: StartupBlink

We've rounded up just some of the most successful Israeli startups that have gone global within recent years, each aiming to disrupt their respective fields by bringing forth modern developments that promise great possibilities and potential for even greater success in the future.

Top Startups in Israel

Top Startups in Israel (2024 - List)

Here are the top startups in Israel:

1. HiBob

Founders: Andy Bellass, Israel David, Ronni Zehavi

Total Funding Amount: $424M

Founded Year: 2015

Israel is known for its high-tech startups, and HiBob is no exception. This innovative company offers a cloud-based HR platform that helps businesses streamline their HR processes and attract top talent. HiBob's mission-critical technology makes it a valuable tool for companies looking to optimize their HR efforts and stay competitive in today's job market. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, HiBob is poised to change the way businesses approach human resources.

2. Jolt

Founders: Lior Frenkel, Nadav Leshem, Nitzan Cohen Arazi, Roei Deutsch

Total Funding Amount: $23.3M

Founded Year: 2015

Jolt with its network of curated learning spaces provides an unmatched opportunity for individuals in the workforce seeking to gain a competitive edge. With a focus on delivering practical business knowledge in an engaging and stimulating environment, Jolt has quickly become a go-to destination for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals of all levels. Whether you're looking to upskill or simply stay ahead of the curve, Jolt has everything you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of business.

3. Syte

Founders: Helge Voss, Idan Pinto, Lihi Pinto Fryman, Ofer Fryman

Total Funding Amount: $71.6M

Founded Year: 2015

Syte's cutting-edge approach to product discovery is just one example of the innovative ideas that have emerged from Israel's startup scene. By incorporating artificial intelligence and personalization into its platform, Syte has developed a unique shopping experience for online consumers that is both entertaining and efficient. As the demand for personalized digital experiences grows, it's exciting to see startups like Syte leading the charge in developing the technologies to make it happen.


Founders: Eran Zinman, Roy Mann

Total Funding Amount: $384.1M

Founded Year: 2012 is a platform that provides organizations with a work operating system that streamlines and manages every aspect of their work, regardless of their size.'s intuitive interface allows teams to create custom processes, track projects, and collaborate seamlessly. With its focus on efficient and effective work management, it's no wonder why has made such a big impact on businesses worldwide and become one of the most talked-about startups in the Israeli tech industry.

5. Firebolt

Founders: Ariel Yaroshevich, Eldad Farkash, Saar Bitner

Total Funding Amount: $264M

Founded Year: 2019

Firebolt is a cloud data warehousing platform that is changing the game when it comes to accessing analytics and insights. With Firebolt, users are able to streamline their data analysis and eliminate any unnecessary lag time. It's no wonder this startup is being recognized as a game-changer in the tech industry. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Firebolt is providing a new level of convenience and efficiency for those in need of fast, accurate data insights.

6. Sentra

Founders: Asaf Kochan, Ron Reiter, Yair Cohen, Yoav Regev

Total Funding Amount: $53M

Founded Year: 2021

Sentra has developed innovative technology that allows security teams to gain comprehensive control over their cloud data, protecting it from unwanted breaches and leaks. With Sentra, businesses can enjoy full visibility over the entire public cloud stack, ensuring that sensitive data is kept secure at all times. As technology continues to advance and cloud computing becomes more prevalent, companies like Sentra are paving the way for a safer and more secure digital landscape.


Founders: Benyamin Hirschberg, Leonid Sandler, Shauli Rozen

Total Funding Amount: $34.5M

Founded Year: 2018

The brains behind Kubescape, ARMO aims to be the first open-source platform for end-to-end security, designed specifically for DevOps. As the world increasingly shifts towards cloud-based services and tools, companies like ARMO are at the forefront of trying to keep data safe while ensuring that developers can continue to work efficiently. For those interested in keeping up with the latest trends and developments in this burgeoning sector, ARMO is definitely one company to keep an eye on.

8. Agora

Founders: Bar Mor, Lior Dolinski, Noam Kahan

Total Funding Amount: $29.9M

Founded Year: 2018

Agora is an investment management software that has revolutionized the way real estate companies raise and preserve capital. With its seamless integration with an investor portal, Agora automates back-office operations, increases investor satisfaction, and provides advanced research and reporting tools for better marketing efforts. Its focus on user experience has made it a favorite among real estate GPs and LPs, and its advanced features have made it an indispensable tool in investment management.

9. D-ID

Founders: Eliran Kuta, Gil Perry, Sella Blondheim

Total Funding Amount: $47.9M

Founded Year: 2017

D-ID is a software development company that utilizes the power of AI to revolutionize video content. Their range of products, including API, reality studio, training, development, live portrait, and speaking portrait features, all aim to provide a cutting-edge experience in marketing, learning, and content creation. By harnessing the potential of AI, D-ID offers a unique tool for creating videos with talking avatars that truly stand out from the crowd.

10. Alison AI

Founders: Asaf Yanai, Koby Berkovich

Total Funding Amount: $5.1M

Founded Year: 2022

Alison AI is a tool for creating high-quality videos that are optimized for success. It's powered by powerful artificial intelligence technology that helps you ideate, produce, and optimize your videos like a pro. With Alison AI, you can analyze every aspect of your video to ensure that it resonates with your audience, from lighting and sound to delivery and message.

11. Mytower

Founders: Meiri Shemesh, Pini Shemesh

Total Funding Amount: $7M

Founded Year: 2018

Mytower offers a comprehensive solution that promises to transform the real estate industry. The platform is user-centric, which means it's not only efficient but also easy to use for landlords, property managers, or anyone involved in property management.

12. Beewise

Founders: Boaz Petersil, Eliyah Radzyner, Hallel Schreier, Saar Safra, Yossi Sorin

Total Funding Amount: $118.7M

Founded Year: 2018

The startup has developed innovative robotic beehives that blend artificial intelligence and precision robotics to take care of bees with minimal human intervention. Known as the future of beekeeping, Beewise is breaking down the traditional barriers of beekeeping, making it a more profitable and accessible industry for even rookie beekeepers. With hives that monitor the health of bees, adjust temperature and humidity, and even check for pests and diseases, Beewise is one of the many innovative startups emerging from the bustling tech scene in Israel.

Most Asked Questions

1. Is Israel good for startups in 2024?

Israel has become a hub for startups, making it a perfect destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a supportive environment, advanced technology, and a skilled workforce, Israel has emerged as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. It's clear that the country's unique combination of talent, resources, and supportive infrastructure makes it an ideal place for startup founders and investors alike.

Israel is home to the most startups per capita of any country in the world. In the past decade, more than 2,000 startups have been founded in Israel, along with another 3,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and high-tech companies. There are also 30 growth companies, 50 large technology companies, and 300 R&D centers. - Source: Startup Genome

2. What are the most successful startups in Israel?

Israel has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, producing some of the most successful startups in the world. Among these, few of them are Jolt,, and Firebolt.

3. What are the advantages of starting a business in Israel?

Known for having one of the most resilient and technologically advanced market economies in the world, there are many advantages to starting a business in Israel. From a vibrant startup ecosystem to significant governmental support, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your business in this country. Israel has a highly educated workforce with skills in various industries, making it an excellent place to find talent and collaborate with innovative minds.

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