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12 Top Startups in New York (2024)

The startup ecosystem in New York is thriving, offering a variety of resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs hoping to launch or grow their businesses. New York City is a bustling hub of innovation, creativity, and big dreams.

It's no surprise that the Big Apple is home to some fantastic startups - from Fintech to high-end tech firms, countless exciting companies are here changing how we interact with our technology and each other.

In this blog post, we're exploring the 12 top startups in New York City with their funding and why you should be keeping an eye on them.

Top Startups in New York

Startup Ecosystem in New York

New York City is ranked second in the world for its startup ecosystem. - Source: StartupBlink

The city boasts a diverse range of industries and a vibrant community of investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs. With access to top talent, funding opportunities, and a supportive network, startups in New York have the potential to flourish.

From co-working spaces to incubators and accelerator programs, the city is host to a variety of organizations dedicated to helping startups succeed.

With a rich history of innovation and entrepreneurship, the startup ecosystem in New York is poised for continued growth and success.

Top Startups in New York (2024 - List)

Here are a few top startups in New York:

1. OpenSea

Founder: Devin Finzer, Alex Atallah

Total Funding: $427.2M

Founded Year: 2017


As the world becomes more digitally focused, it's no surprise that blockchain-based assets are gaining more attention and value. One startup leading the charge in this space is OpenSea. This innovative NFT marketplace allows users to explore and trade digital assets like never before. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or collect rare blockchain pieces, OpenSea offers a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to do so. With its growing popularity, it's no wonder that OpenSea and the NFT market are being closely watched by those seeking to stay ahead of the curve in tech and finance.

2. Celonis

Founders: Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, Martin Klenk

Total Funding: $2.4B

Founded Year: 2011


Celonis revolutionized the way companies manage their business processes. With its powerful Execution Management System, Celonis provides businesses with an innovative solution to help streamline their operations and optimize their efficiency. By identifying inefficiencies in real-time, Celonis enables companies to make data-driven decisions and take proactive steps to improve their performance.

3. Chainalysis

Founders: Jonathan Levin, Michael Gronager

Total Funding: $536.6M

Founded Year: 2014


Chainalysis is a FinTech startup that has made a name for itself by providing governments, banks, and businesses with valuable insights and information that help them make informed decisions. With its headquarters in New York, Chainalysis is one of the top startups in the region, and its success is largely attributed to its cutting-edge technology and skilled team of professionals. As the world embraces blockchain technology, Chainalysis is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting industry, helping clients navigate the complex world of digital currencies and blockchain transactions.

4. Ramp

Founders: Eric Glyman, Gene Lee, Karim Atiyeh

Total Funding: $1.7B

Founded Year: 2019


Ramp is the top startup to watch out for in New York, and with good reason. They are developing innovative finance tools for businesses, aimed at streamlining processes and saving valuable time and money. These tools range from corporate cards and expense management to accounting integrations and bill payments. At Ramp, every click counts, and their solutions are designed with the user in mind. With an impressive track record already, Ramp is poised to become a major player in the world of finance technology.

5. Fireblocks

Founders: Idan Ofrat, Michael Shaulov, Pavel Berengoltz

Total Funding: $1B

Founded Year: 2018


Fireblocks is one of the hottest startups in New York, offering a game-changing platform for digital asset protection. This innovative company is focused on safeguarding customers' digital assets as they move across various channels, including exchanges, hot wallets, and cold stores. By prioritizing security during transmission, Fireblocks provides an essential service to digital asset owners, helping to ensure the safety and integrity of their investments.


Founders: Robert Gutmann, Ross Stevens

Total Funding: $1.4B

Founded Year: 2017


NYDIG is a bitcoin company is dedicated to delivering top-notch technology and services to businesses of all sizes. With their commitment to helping businesses operate more securely and efficiently, NYDIG has quickly become a trusted partner to many companies in New York and beyond. Their innovative approach to financial services and their dedication to customer satisfaction have earned them a spot on the list of top startups in the city.


Founders: Eric Wilson, Erik Bernhardsson, Shawn Low, Viral Shah, Vishal Garg

Total Funding: $905M

Founded Year: 2016 has positioned itself as a homeownership journey platform that leverages technology to simplify the process of purchasing and owning a home. With its cutting-edge approach, is changing the way that people buy and own homes, making dreams of home ownership more accessible and attainable than ever before. Thanks to its forward-thinking approach and commitment to leveraging technology, is quickly becoming one of the top players in the New York startup ecosystem.

8. UiPath

Founders: Daniel Dines, Marius Tirca

Total Funding: $2B

Founded Year: 2005


UiPath is a pioneer in the field of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence software. With its innovative technology, UiPath has allowed businesses to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for employees to focus on more critical assignments. The company's commitment to improving workplace efficiency and productivity has earned it a loyal following among industry leaders.

9. Cockroach Labs

Founders: Benjamin Darnell, Peter Mattis, Spencer Kimball

Total Funding: $633.1M

Founded Year: 2015

Cockroach Labs

Cockroach Labs has been making waves in the tech industry with its innovative approach to developing cloud-native SQL databases for modern cloud applications. As a top startup in New York, this software company has been attracting attention from investors and customers alike, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions. With its focus on scalability, reliability, and ease of use, Cockroach Labs is poised to become a major player in the world of cloud computing.

10. Melio

Founders: Ilan Atias, Matan Bar, Ziv Paz

Total Funding: $504M

Founded Year: 2018


Melio is a fintech company that has taken New York by storm with its innovative approach to financial management. Designed for small businesses, Melio offers a digital platform that simplifies payment and receivable management. Their mission is to make business transactions seamless and hassle-free, paving the way for an even more efficient business landscape.

11. Noom

Founders: Artem Petakov, Saeju Jeong

Total Funding: $658.9M

Founded Year: 2008


Noom is a digital health platform that utilizes psychology-based methods to offer personalized nutrition and exercise coaching to its users. Noom is unique in its approach, as it doesn't rely solely on calorie counting or restrictive diets. Instead, the platform focuses on behavior change and education to help individuals develop and maintain healthy habits.

12. Cedar

Founders: Arel Lidow, Florian Otto, Kareem Zaki

Total Funding: $419.4M

Founded Year: 2016


Cedar with their platform is designed to make patient payments and engagement a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved. Hospitals, health systems, and medical groups are embracing Cedar's approach to elevate the patient experience. By providing transparency and clarity when it comes to billing and payments, Cedar is making healthcare more accessible and patient-centric.

Most Asked Questions

1. Is New York good for startups in 2024?

New York has long been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, but is it the ideal place for startups? This question has been debated by many industry experts, each with its own unique perspective. On one hand, New York boasts a talented and diverse workforce, access to a massive investment pool, and a bustling ecosystem that encourages collaboration and growth. On the other hand, the city is very expensive and competitive, making it difficult for startups without deep pockets to gain a foothold. Ultimately, whether New York is a good fit for startups will depend on a range of factors, including industry, funding needs, and company culture. Despite the challenges it poses, however, there's no denying that New York remains one of the most exciting and dynamic places to build a business.

New York's startup ecosystem is worth $147 billion, with 25,000 technology startups backed by over 200 coworking spaces and 100 accelerators and incubators. - Source: Startup Genome

2. What are the most successful startups in New York?

When it comes to startups in New York, some have risen to the top and proven to be highly successful. OpenSea, for example, has created a platform for buying, selling, and discovering non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Another success story is Celonis, a software company that helps businesses optimize their processes and improve efficiency. Lastly, Ramp has gained popularity for its corporate credit card that helps businesses save money on international transactions. Overall, these startups have established themselves as leaders in their respective industries and have become shining examples of the innovation and entrepreneurship that New York City is known for.

New York is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs who are developing new technologies and businesses in a variety of industries, but three sectors stand out: e-commerce, fintech, and food tech.

3. What are the advantages of starting a business in New York?

New York has long been regarded as a hub for business, and for good reason. The advantages of starting a business in New York are numerous and varied. One of the biggest benefits is access to a large and diverse pool of talent. With the city's reputation as a cultural and financial center, there is no shortage of skilled professionals to choose from.

Additionally, New York boasts a thriving startup community, providing countless resources and networking opportunities to help new businesses succeed.

Moreover, the state's tax incentives and funding programs make it a particularly attractive location for entrepreneurs.

The START-UP NY program is a New York State initiative that provides tax benefits and support to businesses that are located near colleges and universities. The program aims to stimulate economic development and job creation in New York State by attracting new businesses and helping existing businesses grow.

Overall, starting a business in New York can be a smart move for any aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a successful and thriving company.

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