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11 Top Startups in South Korea (2024)

South Korea is known for its innovative and tech-savvy nature. It's no wonder the nation has produced some of the most successful startups in recent years. These startups range from mobile financial services, cloud optimization, fashion, cryptocurrency, gaming, education, video players, and medical AI software. Whether you're a business founder or a startup founder, you'll want to know these top startups in South Korea because they are game-changers.

South Korea has a vibrant startup ecosystem with over 15,000 startups. - Source: Seoulz
Top Startups in South Korea

Top Startups in South Korea (2024-List)

Here are some of the top startups in South Korea:

1. Toss

Founders: Seunggun Lee

Total Funding Amount: $1.4B

Founded Year: 2011

Toss has been taking the fintech industry by storm in South Korea, providing users with a mobile financial service platform that enables them to manage their finances from their smartphones. Toss enables users to transfer money to friends and manage credit scores, among other features.

2. MegazoneCloud

Founders: Joo-Wan Lee

Total Funding Amount: $672.9M

Founded Year: 2018

Megazone Cloud is a cloud optimization startup offering enterprise hosting and ITSM system experience. Its cloud optimization helps businesses quickly deploy their servers, thereby improving their business efficiency.

South Korea is home to a thriving startup ecosystem, which is ranked 20th globally. - Source: StartupBlink


Founders: Cho Man Ho, Mun-il Han

Total Funding Amount: $476.7M

Founded Year: 2001

MUSINSA is a fashion business company providing personalized curation and storytelling for a diverse range of brands and products. The company's personalized curation and storytelling help fashion brands stand out and build user loyalty.

4. Tridge

Founders: Hoshik Shin, Kangwook Lee, Minjong Chung

Total Funding Amount: $113.8M

Founded Year: 2015

Tridge is the go-to platform for global food agriculture buyers and sellers. The innovative online trade platform connects farmers, producers, and distributors with buyers worldwide, making international trade faster, more efficient, and more accessible. Tridge's advanced technology and streamlined approach to trading have set them apart as a leader in the agricultural industry.

5. Krafton

Founders: Chang Byung-gyu

Total Funding Amount: $581.5M

Founded Year: 2007

Krafton is a game developer for PC and mobile devices that focuses on fantasy games. The company has created games like PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale which grossed more than $1 billion in revenue. Krafton aims to take a leading role in the global gaming industry with new games like PUBG New State.

South Korean startups are particularly strong in the areas of social and leisure, e-commerce and retail, and hardware and IoT. - Source: StartupBlink

6. Woowa Bros

Founders: Bong Jin Kim

Total Funding Amount: $484M

Founded Year: 2011

WOOWA BROS is a Korean developer of smartphone applications and advertising platforms. The company's flagships product "Baedal Minjok" is one of South Korea's most popular food delivery apps with around $2.6 billion in annual transactions.

7. Riiid

Founders: Jaewe Heo, Young-Jun Jang

Total Funding Amount: $256.7M

Founded Year: 2014

Riiid is an AI Tutor solution provider delivering creative disruption to the education market through its cutting-edge AI technology. Its platform provides personalized learning experiences based on individual learning patterns and has partnerships with some of Korea’s biggest educational platforms.

8. MX Player

Total Funding Amount: $110.8M

Founded Year: 2011

MX Player is developing a video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support. The player is able to play a number of video formats and is now being used by various media companies in Korea like CJ ENM and Lotte Home Shopping.

9. CLO Virtual Fashion

Founders: Jaden Oh, JH Boo

Total Funding Amount: ₩6B

Founded Year: 2009

CLO Virtual Fashion develops true-to-life, 3D garment simulation technology for fashion, film, and gaming industries. The company enables designers to create and visualize what their designs will look like in real life. The startup aims to provide a more efficient way to develop clothing designs.

The Korean government has allocated a significant budget of US$ 2.8 billion in 2023 to bolster the growth and success of startups. - Source: K-Startup Grand Challenge

10. Lunit

Founders: Anthony Paek, Donggeun Yoo, Jungin Lee, Kyunghyun Paeng, Minhong Jang, Sunggyun Park

Total Funding Amount: $137.7M

Founded Year: 2013

Lunit is a public company that develops medical AI software that helps conquer cancer. The AI software analyzes medical images with greater accuracy than humans and helps doctors quickly identify conditions like breast cancer with speed and efficiency.

11. Socar

Total Funding Amount: ₩502.2B

Founded Year: 2012

With this innovative car-sharing community, travelers can efficiently share vehicles with others heading to the same destination, all while reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Socar is not just changing the game for the environment but for travelers as well.

Most Asked Questions

1. Is South Korea good for startups in 2024?

There has been a significant amount of government investment in recent years to establish South Korea as a global startup hub. As a result, entrepreneurs can take advantage of several grants, programs, accelerators, and various other resources offered by the state. The country's geographic location, excellent education system, and strong tech infrastructure further add to its attractiveness as a destination for startup investment. Overall, South Korea appears to be on the right track to foster a startup-friendly ecosystem, which should come as good news to anyone looking to start a business in this exciting market.

The K-Startup Grand Challenge (KSGC) is a government-supported program that attracts, incorporates, and helps promising foreign startups expand into South Korea.

2. What are the most successful startups in South Korea?

South Korea has been a hub for tech startups in recent years, and some have risen to incredible heights of success. Among the most successful startups, a few of them are Toss, Tridge, Krafton, and Riiid.

3. What are the advantages of starting a business in South Korea?

South Korea offers plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs who want to start a business. From a stable economy to favorable government policies, there are many reasons why this Asian powerhouse is an attractive destination for businesspeople. Firstly, the nation boasts a highly educated workforce, with a population that places high importance on education. This means you can easily find competent employees who can help you grow your business and increase your profits. Additionally, South Korea has an excellent infrastructure and a well-developed IT industry that will help you access new markets all around the world.

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