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Top AI Video Tools in 2024 (Free AI Video Generators)

In 2024, the AI video creator landscape is blossoming with tools designed to streamline the video production process, enabling entrepreneurs and startups to produce cinematic-quality content with ease. These AI video generators harness cutting-edge algorithms to automate intricate tasks such as video editing, captioning, and quality enhancement, transforming the way visual narratives come to life.

As these tools carve out new possibilities, this article delves into the details of the top AI video creator offerings. With a focus on providing an approachable and inspiring guide, our comprehensive analysis arms you with the knowledge to select the perfect AI video editor to elevate your creative projects. Whether you're searching for a free AI video generator to kickstart your journey or a professional-grade AI video maker for polished results, this piece renders an indispensable roadmap for harnessing AI technology in video production.

Top AI Video Creator Tools is swiftly carving a niche for itself in the AI video creator space, offering a suite of AI-powered tools that are transforming the video editing landscape. This online platform is a haven for those who seek to create professional-looking videos without the steep learning curve typically associated with advanced video editing software.

AI-Powered Tools and Features:

  • AI Avatars and Voice Generator: Craft engaging videos with lifelike avatars and synthetic voices that add a human touch to digital content.

  • AI Video Creation: From idea to polished product,'s AI video generator streamlines the creative process.

  • Video Background Remover: Effortlessly remove or replace video backgrounds to suit the narrative of your content.'s platform is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that both novices and professionals can navigate its features with ease. The aim is to reduce the time and complexity associated with traditional video editing, making it an ideal choice for those who value efficiency and simplicity.

Catering to Diverse Video Editing Needs:

  • Marketing & Social Media: Create captivating videos that grow your audience and engagement on various platforms.

  • Training & e-Learning: Develop educational content that is both informative and visually appealing.

  • Meetings & Communication: Enhance corporate communications with polished videos that convey your message effectively.

The platform's pricing structure is crafted to accommodate a range of needs, starting with a Free Plan that allows for unlimited 720p exports with a Veed watermark. For those seeking more advanced capabilities, offers Basic, Pro, and Business Plans, which provide higher quality exports, additional subtitles, and more sophisticated features.

Templates and Support:

  • Diverse Templates: Access a variety of ready-made templates for marketing, social media, education, and business videos.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Explore the VEED Blog, video guides, and webinars to master professional video making.

Customers are singing praises for's user-friendly interface and the transformative impact it has on video creation. The platform is lauded for its accurate speech-to-subtitles transcription and the ability to simplify workflows, making it a standout AI video editor and free AI video generator that's reshaping the industry.


Synthesia stands out in the crowded field of AI video creation tools, offering an innovative and efficient solution for entrepreneurs and startups looking to produce high-quality video content. With its user-friendly setup and extensive features, Synthesia simplifies the video production process, making it accessible to users regardless of their technical expertise. Here’s a closer look at what makes Synthesia a top choice for AI video creation:


Extensive Language and Voice Options:

  • Supports over 120 languages and accents, ensuring your content resonates with a global audience.

  • Boasts more than 160 diverse avatars, allowing for a high degree of customization and representation in your videos.

Robust Platform Features:

  • Offers dialogue and translations into multiple languages, expanding the reach of your content.

  • Includes smart updates and an AI video assistant that helps in drafting videos, streamlining the creation process.

  • Provides more than 60 pre-designed video templates, alongside the option for custom AI avatar creation, catering to a wide range of video production needs.

Pricing and Plans:

  • Starter Plan: Priced at $22/month, ideal for individual creators and small businesses.

  • Creator Plan: Priced at $67/month, offering 90+ AI avatars.

  • Enterprise Plan: Offers custom pricing for larger organizations with specific needs.

Its easy-to-learn platform, flexible features, and support for a vast array of languages and accents make it a preferred choice for over 50,000 companies worldwide.


FlexClip is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and startups create video content, thanks to its AI-powered tools and user-friendly interface. As an AI video creator, FlexClip offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify the video production process, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Here's a closer look at what FlexClip brings to the table:


AI-Powered Tools for Efficiency and Creativity:

  • AI Text to Speech: Bring your scripts to life with natural-sounding voices across various languages.

  • AI Auto Subtitle: Enhance accessibility and engagement with automatic subtitle generation.

  • AI Text to Video: Transform written content into compelling videos in seconds, perfect for AI TikTok videos or social media content.

  • AI Background Remover: Easily remove or replace video backgrounds to focus on your subject matter.

FlexClip caters to a wide array of video creation needs, offering customizable templates for everything from marketing and promo videos to personal events like weddings and birthdays. This versatility, combined with an extensive media library filled with stock images, videos, and music, empowers users to unleash their creativity without the need for external resources.

Key Features That Set FlexClip Apart:

  • Extensive Video Creation Categories: From Promo to Wedding Videos, there's a template for every occasion.

  • Collaboration and Branding: Work together on video projects and add unique branding elements to stand out.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be intuitive, allowing for a seamless video editing experience.

  • AI Script Generator and Text-to-Video Tool: Generate engaging content effortlessly, making it a preferred choice for rapid content creation.

FlexClip is recognized for its affordability, ease of use, and comprehensive features, it stands out as a competitive option in the AI video generator and AI video editor market, providing a free AI video generator tier that's perfect for those just starting.

Pricing Plans and Benefits:

  • Free Plan: Access to basic features with 720p HD downloads, for a maximum of 12 projects.

  • Plus Plan: At $19.99/month or $9.99/month (annually), this plan offers 1080p HD downloads with unlimited video projects and durations.

  • Business Plan: For $29.99/month or $19.99/month (annually), users enjoy all the benefits of the Plus plan, along with unlimited stock videos and audio.

Whether you're looking to create professional marketing videos, engaging social media content, or memorable personal videos, FlexClip is an invaluable AI video maker for 2024, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of content creators.


InVideo stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs and startups venturing into the dynamic world of content marketing, offering an AI video creator that is both powerful and user-friendly. With its AI-powered video generation capabilities, InVideo allows users to transform text prompts into visually captivating videos, making it an invaluable tool for social media and content marketing strategies. The platform's cloud-based video editor enhances collaboration, allowing teams to work together in real time, ensuring that creativity and productivity are always in sync.


Key Features of InVideo:

  • AI Video Generation: Creates fully scripted videos with stock footage, captions, and voiceovers from text inputs, limited to 50 lines per prompt.

  • Templates and Customization: Offers over 5000 pre-made templates across various industries, customizable with user-provided media such as video clips, images, and audio.

  • Collaboration and Accessibility: Facilitates real-time collaboration with its cloud-based editor, available in 190 countries and serving 7 million customers.

Pricing Plans and Benefits:

  • Free Plan: Access to basic features for those starting out or on a tight budget.

  • Plus Plan: At $22/month or $20/month (annually), this plan offers longer video durations, HD video exports, and premium media assets.

  • Max Plan: For $60/month or $48/month (annually), users enjoy all the benefits of the Max plan, along with background image removals and increased cloud storage.

Despite its extensive template library, some users find navigation challenging. However, InVideo's built-in branding tools and the ability to add unlimited team members and user access make it an ideal AI video generator free for entrepreneurs aiming to make a mark through engaging video content.

Deep Brain

Deep Brain emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of AI video creation, offering a cloud-based service that turns text into engaging video content with remarkable ease. This AI video creator is a boon for entrepreneurs and startups, providing a platform where virtual actors, or avatars, come to life with human-like gestures and perfectly synched lip movements, delivering your message with a personal touch.

Deep Brain

Features that Set Deep Brain Apart:

  • Text-to-Video Technology: Input your written content, such as blog posts or presentation scripts, and watch as Deep Brain transforms them into compelling videos.

  • Customizable Avatars: Choose from over 100 virtual characters to represent your brand or message, ensuring diversity and relatability in your video presentations.

  • Multilingual Support: With over 80 languages available, Deep Brain eliminates the need for costly localization, allowing your content to resonate with a global audience.

With resources such as AI Docs, a comprehensive blog, and an active forum, Deep Brain ensures users are well-supported on their journey to creating standout AI-generated videos.


Descript catering to a broad spectrum of needs from podcasting and screen recording to transcription and video editing. What sets Descript apart is its intuitive use, making it a favorite among entrepreneurs and startups who may not have extensive video editing experience but are eager to produce high-quality content.


Key Features of Descript:

  • AI Voices: Utilize text-to-speech, overdub, and regenerate functionalities to create realistic voice clones or select from a variety of stock AI voices.

  • AI Effects: Enhance your videos with features like eye contact correction, filler word removal, studio sound quality, and green screen effects, all designed to boost viewer engagement and audio clarity.

  • AI Actions: Automate content creation with tools like Find Good Clips for video highlights, Podcast Show Notes for summarizing audio content, and Social Post Writer to craft engaging posts for social media.

Descript's approachability extends to its collaboration features, enabling smooth revision processes among team members. This aspect is particularly beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs who rely on teamwork to refine their video content.

With a starting price of $12 per month and a free plan available, Descript is positioned as both a premium and a free AI video generator, offering valuable resources including a blog, comprehensive help and support, a product changelog, a vibrant community, and an affiliate program.


What are the top free AI tools for generating videos in 2024?

Several leading free AI video generators are available for users looking to turn text into video content. Notable mentions include Flexclip, DeepBrain, InVideo, Elai, and Lumen5, each offering unique features to cater to different video creation needs.

How does generative AI facilitate video creation?

Generative AI revolutionizes video production by enabling the creation of high-quality videos without the need for traditional equipment like cameras, microphones, or actors. Simply input your text, and the AI takes care of the rest, transforming your words into engaging video content.

Which AI avatar generator is the best for videos?

For those seeking the best AI avatar generator for videos, Synthesia stands out. It offers a selection of over 140 stock AI avatars and provides the option to create a custom avatar that resembles you. These avatars can narrate your text in more than 120 languages, making it a versatile tool for video creators.

What is the leading AI tool for generating images?

When it comes to AI-generated imagery, the Image Creator from Microsoft Designer is the top choice. Leveraging the power of OpenAI's DALL-E technology, this tool excels in producing high-quality images swiftly and cost-effectively, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of creative projects.

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